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July 2019

Hubs came home with a new toy - iroha zen - for me. 🧒 bought this for you, dear. Opened packaging and figured out what it was.👩 huh, why? You know I don't like to put anything except for you in me what. 🧒 i know. I will use it with you first. When i am away later, this will be the tool to help you feel my love over the phone.

Throwback #r21It was his 21st birthday. We had been together for about a year. They said 21st are special but his family weren't celebrating. So we decided to take matters into our own hands, just a special day for the two of us to spend together. So I made "vouchers" for him to utilise whenever he wanted. Non sexual stuff like free massages, to sexual coded stuff like free b&j ice cream. You get it.

Things got so busy I hardly had time to myself. Work is picking up and so many cases to handle because of the inefficiency of colleagues. Boss commented we failed to meet deadlines. So many fires to fight because of the mistakes they make while I was away for maternity. Lucky i went back to work early otherwise i cannot imagine how much more fires to fight. Told the boss i want to quit next year and they need to find replacement, he totally ignored me and change topic.

Been additionally needy towards my husband, we took a day off last week to just spend time together. Nothing sexual, just two confidants coming together to catch up and enjoying the presence of one another. He shared his life plans and worked out how we can move ahead as a family. He shared of the struggles with his family (they really fml). And I updated him on the kids' growth and progress. Always felt that we share a great partnership in this child-rearing thingy.

June 2019

Had a quickie this morning cause the toddler woke us up and went back to sleep, resulting in some time to spare. Boy, W is getting better. He made me cum twice in that short 10 mins of #r21 sexy time. He's getting so good, im craving more everyday.

Had one of the most mindblowing #r21 experience with dear hubs last night. I was trying to aroused him but to no avail cause he was handling some emergency at work. So imagine him on his phone texting away while I rubbed his soft spot, circled his tip, massaged his balls etc, but he just pushed me away. I got upset and frustrated so I turned away and watched my k-drama. He was finally done past midnight. But I wasnt in the mood anymore. 👩 go away. 🧒 dont you want me?

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