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updated 1 month ago

Today we made chicken thighs with teriyaki #dayrefatties

Together with chawanmushi, it’s surprisingly easy just that we needed a lot of jap ingredients like dashi, mirin, and sake. Look at how pretty the bento turned out hehe

Was randomly browsing online and chanced upon these shoes. Espadrilles + mules, how could I not get it! And the denim with florals embroidery. 😍 I can’t wait to receive them.

Plus point they’re really not expensive.

They have a lot of other really cute designs. I might just get this too if the one I got turns out well.

Or if you’re into tassels and poms


Recently we bought a massage chair and it’s the best investment ever. I’m actually on it while I’m typing this. So now every night after the kid sleeps we will sneak downstairs and have a wind down session hahaha. Now I can Dayre and have a massage sesh at the same time 😌

Day 127

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

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stuckwitu (avatar)

stuckwitu wa. now u can cook!

1 month ago

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