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Sigh Wonder Week 12?

My baby either going through leap 3 or some crap this week

- fussy during feeding, and drinking lesser at some feeds

- cry before nap, must carry. put her down she cry. And cry until super sad kind. cry put down cry put down several times until song already then she can sleep on her own

- difficulty soothing herself to sleep at night. Some night can, some night cannot. And will wake up and make noise at around 4am on some nights, so we need to carry and comfort her until she sleep again

She has been able to sleep on her own (at night only) since she was a newborn. We just have to swaddle her and put her in the cot and she will go to sleep herself. Don’t even need to pat her of use the pacifier.

But suddenly, she can’t do it anymore. We are also trying to let her do wo swaddle so not too sure is it the swaddling that’s causing her being unable to sleep or something else 😒

Either way I’m tired because she has been quite sad and cranky this week. #dayremummies

But one good thing I’ve notice is her ability to take longer naps now. It used to be 45 mins without fail. If lucky I can extend the nap time. If not it’s like a clock work.

Now she seem to be able to nap up to 2 hours sometimes. Just that before nap must cry until damn sad. ☹️

Day 65

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2019

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