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updated 3 weeks ago

It’s a bad cycle for myself. Every time I work at night, I get unhappy because I don’t have the time and leisure to just do my own things and rest. And I try to do it after I shut my laptop, but that means compromising my sleep.

And I get grumpy the next day.


No matter what I shall not OT tonight don’t care don’t care don’t care.

It’s 12:39am now I should sleep because I have an early appointment but I don’t want to sleep 😭

I will not OT tonight
I will not OT tonight
I will not OT tonight

No matter what!!! Tonight is MY TIME. MY TIME.

Not going to do work tonight!!!!!! And I have just ordered in korean yay yay yay it’s gonna be a good night though I’m tired and am having a headache now on the train

Day 115

Thursday, 25 Apr 2019

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hitammanis (avatar)

hitammanis 😔 I think I am even worse like used to OT already

3 weeks ago

heartpage_ (avatar)

heartpage_ @hitammanis I hate OT!! 😭

3 weeks ago

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