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Reason why I won’t lose weight.

Am devouring this cake (left less than half lah ok to make myself feel better) before I leave the office. It’s a birthday cake we bought for our MD today but she couldn’t bring it home. So being the junior here, my colleagues asked me to take home to eat fml lol.

But I got hungry so I’m eating it now and thinking, I might as well finish it so that I don’t need to carry it home


Btw Chateraise really do their cakes so damn well I must applaud for them!!!! My birthday cake back in Feb was very good too!! Their cream is not jelak at all ahmagad

Anyway I had salad for lunch today because my MD wanna salad. The place that we went was near Telok Ayer and it’s surprisingly good!! I mean, for a carnivore like me, and I’m saying that it’s good. 💁🏻‍♀️

My sweet potatoes were glazed with maple syrup OMG so good so so so good. The chicken breast was tender and soft, and my beet rice (is that what you call it lol hahah I really have no idea) was good too!!!! I usually don’t like any rice other than white rice....

My MD kept exclaiming, omg this is good! This is so good!


Also, my colleague and MD fought for the bill just now hahaha it was hilarious. We called for bill, and when the waiter came over, my MD was like, here here here take my card.

Both my colleague and I were like, no no no take this card 😂

I told the waiter, it’s her birthday so it’s our treat. Then the waiter handed the bill to my colleague HAHAHAHAHAH I really find this so funny 🤣

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Monday, 22 Apr 2019

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