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Just came back from town!

I left home today MAINLY to go to my office at Raffles to get my laptop charger Hahahaha wtf. I forgot to bring back yesterday night and I have plenty of work to complete before Monday fol

I wanted to visit TCL & hollyhoque for cny clothes but both places were CROWDED. Waiting rooms queues were so long and... I just didn’t have the mood anymore. So I left both shops empty handed sad

Watson’s is having sales again lol so I went to get my shampoo!

And this brand of masks because i have seen a lot of people recommending it

Erm not sure how useful is this thing but I think it’s quite apt to have this in Singapore. I always stand when in the trains. VERY TIRING LEH.

Never used them before because I always rely on normal plasters. But I think it works better than plasters!!! Because it doesn’t seem to come off easily

Muji stationeries 🥰🥰🥰


Passed by a korean mart in Somerset when I was heading to KOI HAHAHA

I take in too much sugar recently

I really love you leh how how how

I also realised that the grab drivers in Singapore like to bring up the topic “do u have a bf”

I don’t take grabs thaaaat often already lah heartpain lol. And also I’m really lazy to go out so if I can avoid, I will.

This is the second time that I received this question within the span of less than 4 months and I can count with my ten fingers the number of times I took grab/ grabshare.

Lol why ah 😂

Me needs to spend all my energy on work these days leh I have OT two weeks already and my to do list is still not ending 😭

I really do not have energy to go out and meet people. I don’t even look for my friends in SG these days. Also I don’t even have time/ energy to go buy CNY CLOTHES!!!!! Angry angry.

OMG SHOULD I???????????

But it’s $44 and I think it’s in USD?? I didn’t check yet hahaha but urghhhh it’s my fav City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 19

Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

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