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When your MD thought you should know/ remember which of her mouse DOES NOT WORK

ERM sorry my brain is made of cells and probably majority of them are dead cells lol. The point is my brain is not a computer!!!!!!!!!!

I think the old me would be sillily stressing out about such a small matter but the new me would look at the message and roll my eyes 🤷🏻‍♀️

We are all packed and busy I understand so I do not entertain comments that do not value add tq

“Needless for me to say that you need to check before you send off”

I was upset when I saw this because do you think I don’t know!!!!!!! It freaking slipped lah. IM ONLY HUMAN. It’s okay don’t take it personal, work is work. At least I admitted my mistakes.

What a crappy period at work because we have so much stress and so much things to do that everyone is all over the place including me and I hate this feeling. Can August be over already pls

My ONLY source of fun these days can I be anymore pathetic

Day 197

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

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