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Ok happiest thing that happened this year so far because for the past few weeks I have been doing nothing but working. OT everyday at home and even weekends I’m doing work zzzz.... the coming week shall be busy too sigh.

Ok anyway I saw these at Typo today. I immediately took the “chicken nugget lover” to pay but the salesgirl said 1 for $8 and 2 for $10 so I took the red one which says “I don’t care about your opinion” hahaha I’m damn happy wtf

I cooked congee two days ago for dinner cuz damn hungry plus cramps. This is one of my comfort food 😌

I LOVE. What was missing was IKEA fried shallots

My consultant in Malaysia was trying to cheer me up last Sunday because I was stressing out about work so she showed me her pet rabbit who was enjoying air con in her room hahahahaha EMERGED SO CUTE LAH 😍

I wanna buy reed diffuser from Rituals but SG don’t have!! 😭

I’m now damn tempted to splurge on a Jo Malone candle lol it’s $100+ leh I’m still thinking but I’m damn stressed out about work lah and it’s reasonable for me to be impulsive, right?????????

I also recently met with an OCBC banker to sign up my first ever insurance plan (paid by myself not my parents) woohoo guess who is adult now lol. She is also helping me to sign up credit card at one go so that the money for this insurance thing can deduct directly from my card without me needing to worry whether I pay already or not every month or so because I’m very lazy and tend to be VERY forgetful at times

My brother also started his job at Accenture KL this week!!!!! Woohoo I’m so happy for him but he has started to OT already 🤣

My first work year in KL was damn chill... probably because my seniors and consultants were damn nice and took all the work on themselves LOL which was good and bad because I got to relax a lot but now I’m suffering because of the drastic difference of work culture here in my SG office - 1 person is working 3 different roles LOL dying really

But hats off to all my seniors here in the SG office because I really salute them for doing consistently so well even though they have a lot more tougher tasks than me.

I’m trying not to whine LOL and take it like a real adult but I can’t so I’ll still rant - just somewhere else 😂

On the side note I’m sticking Salonpas on my neck or shoulders almost everyday now since 2019 has started wow this 25 years old milestone 🙄

I also FINALLY did sheet mask today omg I cannot remember when was the last time I masked. Because damn busy and tired everyday????

I popped by Lush the other day when I went to do work errands and gotten my lip scrub because my lip keeps peeling arghhhhhh not painful but damn irritating.

The salesgirl gave me Rosy Cheeks (?? Can’t remember the name Hahahaha) to try cuz I told her I’m waiting to finish my current clay mask to come back to mask of magnaminty

Anyway I need to remember to use the sample mask that she gave before it expires 😂

I cannot wait to get my face on (literally) mask of magnaminty again I love that mask 🥰🥰🥰

Day 25

Friday, 25 Jan 2019

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