fruit hoe (avatar)
updated 1 year ago

none of ya businesses but I wanna say it anyways

just wanted to check in with you guys and say that I'm no longer vegetarian!! I reverted back to pescetarian but I'm open to eating chicken in the future (but NOT pork or beef cos tbvh I just hate pork yucks and my family can't eat beef due to religious reasons) so yeah. I mean, life is so much more than trying to obtain perfection with food and it took me like 5 years to understand and finally get out of that hell hole that was controlling me.

pls don't hate me ok haha but not that i really care cos it's my life so fuck off bruh. but just wanted to put this in so y'all won't feel shook when I post a pic of a dead fish or smth HAHAHA just kidding I won't I'll just friggin post delicious af food yea ok luv y'all byeee

Day 39

Thursday, 8 Feb 2018

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