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everyday is a new beginning!

June 2019

I think i really juggled a lot of things well today.I fed and bathed the baby, cleaned the house, bought lunch, settled work stuff using the infamous inefficient system from the G, and then my in-laws came for a surprise visit, followed by J, and then i cooked dinner, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and consolidated orders for some stickers.

Wa i really damn nua sai right now.Baby was awake so i said, "good morning!!!!" to him.He would usually smile at me but he didn't just now so im lying back in bed, petty and cross. HAHAHA

Super impromptu but I'm thinking if i should hold my baby's '100 days' this Saturday evening.Except that it's no longer 100 days hahahahahaha.Maybe I'll call it "Celebrate Baby's Going To School" party!!!! 🎊

What if u don't like your son's gf but he's very in love with her???? What can we do as a mother???Yes i know my son is only a few months old but i cannot get myself ready for that day now meh. Hahahha

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I feel a little sian reading sgbb post and the comments that came with it because it reminded me that i didn't get to go to any classes i was interested in when i was a kid...I wanted to learn dance, singing, acting, piano, swimming and taekwando. But my mum convinced me that i had no talent in any of these things hahaha

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