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beauty things I have zero interest in

Eyelash Extensions

I find them unnatural regardless of style and I totally agree with this famous Taiwanese MUA dude that you are NOT supposed to go full naked eye with eyelash extensions. It’s just awfully unnatural and unless you are non-asian and not of Chinese descent, Long and highly visible lashes will never look natural.

I know it’s nice and fluttery and gives the made up look but it’s distracting and somehow the only thing I will notice of your face is how your lashes are not real 😔

Coloured hair / crazy coloured hair

I unfortunately do not know how to take someone seriously when their hair is of an unnatural color. As much as it’s a personal choice, it makes me feel that there is a lack of respect for whatever environment you are in.

Coloured hair is high maintenance and any signs of dark roots coming through is just not a good look at all.

Love your natural hair girls... it’s what makes Asian girls beautiful 😔

Manicures / Pedicures

I feel that I do a pretty decent job myself... but I do sometimes need a little bit help with cleaning up the edges where dead skin, calluses and cuticles collect. That aside I find the price of nail services a waste of money. Would rather spend on massages.

That aside, similar to hair colors, I don’t know how to take you seriously when you have crazily Long nails.

Colored contact lens

Similar to hair color - while it’s fun to wear and transforms your look, I do not know how to take someone seriously in a work setting when they are looking at me with googly plastic looking eyes...

I am probably jealous because my eyes are nothing but a series of complications that leaves me with no other options for contacts other than the clear normal ones 😂

Slimming / cellulite / body treatments

Other than massages, nothing in this world can give you a nice body other than a healthy nutritious diet, exercise and movement and of course, Discipline!

In addition - moisturise the shit out of your body. Your whole body.

Hair Perms / any form of ‘permanent’ hair curling

You will never ever achieve the Victoria’s secret waves / curls with whatever digital perm / Korean perm / whatever perm nonsense your salon is offering. DO NOT be naive.

Beautiful curls can only be achieved with your good old curling iron or probably a Dyson Air Wrap(??)

( i Guess - wow much hype / so influencer / instant class )

But seriously girls... teach yourself how to use a curling iron 🙂


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Monday, 7 Jan 2019

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berrypinklips (avatar)

berrypinklips “Googly plastic looking eyes” HAHAHAHAA

1 month ago

happenstance (avatar)

happenstance It’s true :) I have interviewed a girl in my career ( some classic luxury brand who is everything but funky ) who basically is almost a combination of everything I have mentioned in my post - ash green Long permed hair, Long periwinkle blue nails with extensions, greenish grey contact lens and too much foundation. To date I still remember her... for all the wrong things. Please respect your (potential) work environment 😣

1 month ago

berrypinklips (avatar)

berrypinklips Omg LOL??? Luxury brand and she shows up like that??? Don’t know if this is called bold or just plain stupid HAHAHAH @happenstance

1 month ago

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