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February 2019

I had a full on conversation with bear about skincare and I explained what is trans-epidermal water loss ( TEWL) and the use of occlusives to help heal damaged moisture barrier and oils to balance out dehydrated skin.We even talked about my routine and I told him about using tretinoin. This man understood everything and he uses rosehip oil and all things natural / organic and he loves everything healthy and nourishing for the skin and body.Omg this man :’) how not to fall in love?!?!?!?!

Missed bodypump so I Guess it’s the same tummy and butt routine with running and rowing as cardio.And I should really get down to getting all my work clothes altered to fit me better. No more excess cloth every where!

Had such a great time with bear and it warms my heart to hear him tell me he will try to come to SG more often. It’s so strange to be so comfortable and yet so afraid of the man who keeps me so calm.Please don’t break my heart


Bear is coming tomorrow. On a whim. Just like that. I don’t believe he is coming here entirely for me. But he wanted to make one Friday count. Trying not to smile too much. Don’t fall too deep please 😪

I place a good beauty order every month and I actually do finish using products... which is crazy. Not sure if I am overzealous and using too much... but I hope that 50 year old me would thank myself now for being diligent in investing in skincare

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