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January 2019

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Dinner!And I finally found out that the cheese I love is actually Gouda.

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Having a light dinner since I smashed my workout today.

Cleaned up my tinder account yesterday and realised all the meaningless conversations I have had with so many guys. All the compliments, positive words of encourage and stuff all seem like a pretence from both ends 🤦🏻‍♀️Modern world dating is so forced and so fake.I have deactivated my account. Let’s hope this one old man will end my ‘search’ and I don’t have to reactivate it again. ( not really a search, I am just looking for good old organic feelings)

beauty things I have zero interest in 2

Eye brow embroidery / whatever latest technologyAt some point in my life ( probably the recent months ) have contemplated getting eye brow embroidery to lengthen the ends of my brows so I can completely ditch my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow powder.And then with all these eye brow stuff shoved in my face on dayre and other social media platforms I have lost complete interest in it.For girls who unfortunately fell short in the brow hair department I would say go for it.

beauty things I have zero interest in

Eyelash ExtensionsI find them unnatural regardless of style and I totally agree with this famous Taiwanese MUA dude that you are NOT supposed to go full naked eye with eyelash extensions. It’s just awfully unnatural and unless you are non-asian and not of Chinese descent, Long and highly visible lashes will never look natural. I know it’s nice and fluttery and gives the made up look but it’s distracting and somehow the only thing I will notice of your face is how your lashes are not real 😔

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