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May 2018

Adulting for real now, viewing a house in Katong.Katong is such a charming neighbourhood, but I am not sure if it is really convenient.My work location now is fine but if we are talking about CBD or worse, MBC, wow. Damn.

Spent the past 2 days with my Italian bao and I miss him so much now. Took Long walks and have tea at MBS yesterday talking about everything. I am not a sticky or needy person but when he is out of the country 5 days a week it’s hard to resist smothering him with my hugs.

Browsing the LB sale and wow they really do have a lot of ugly items.I wonder if they noticed how Poor their designs and material have been and how much they no longer warrant that price range.

POOR experience with Choo Yilin Jewelry

Does anyone have poor experience with Jewelry from ChooYilin?My first rose gold Peranakan lace ring tarnished badly that the rose gold is only showing a dull silver but I didn’t noticed it until a few days after my purchase. I have never worn the ring ( except to try in the boutique).They did an exchange for me without much issues, and cited reasons such as wear and tear due to customers trying on in the boutique.

So proud of myself for not buying anything from the Sephora sale. Not that anything interests me anyway other than some Dior lipsticks which I can hold off since I am not reallllly dying to get them.My 4th time wearing my varas our today and finally they stop hurting.I am also madly in love with colourpop’s Super shock shadows. The formula is such a dream 😌

Absence makes the heart fonder. One more week to do nothing but cuddle my Italian bun.

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