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September 2018

Dropped a CP order for all the things I have wanted to get / replenished. No more eyeshadow palettes for me because I am going to depot two of my favorite CP palettes into a large empty palette.And of course, my beloved ultra blotted lip in cherry on top and another Lux lipsticks.There are still the 3CE velvet tints that I really wanted but that will have to wait since most of the colours that are up my alley are OOS.

August 2018

My life now :WorkHomeGymMassageFacialMovie by myselfWalk around town to eat whatever I like after gymSpontaneous dates with guys from dating apps but I have kind of lost interest in this. Finding a proper date is worse worse worse than finding a job.

So I watched CRA yesterday and my only comments are:The only handsome guy is Pierre Png and everyone else is just meh. Ok 2nd is Harry Shum Jr ( anyone remembers the cute asian boy in Glee and Step Up?) but he is only a calefare in the last few seconds of the movie.My friends asked if the movie changed my perception of local/ asian guys but sad to say I am still not interested in dating locals.

I don’t know if this discipline to go to a gym in town is a good thing or not when the discipline is clearly driven by boredom and disinterest in anything else.

I have decided that my only focus now is to be single, have a hot bod, decently rich and get my bachelorette pad.

Work hard, buy my own place, make sure I look beautiful all the time. Let no one let me down.It’s ok to live in my own world and give no shit about what’s around me.

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