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November 2018

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I think my cooking / eating style is...Low effort high benefits.I like to use as little heat as possible and I am always happy to eat things that can be eaten raw.

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I have carted 6 sets of workout gear, some Havaianas and caps and just spent $80 at Yves Rocher.I am done with my 11.11 damages. So done.Austerity measures shall begin 😂

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Just discovered #dayrefitness today and thought I should document some of my basic bitch YouTube guru wannabe less the actual YouTubing life right now 🤣 Got over my fear of heat and cooking... and made oven baked vegetables for dinner earlier. Turned out really well! Should add tomatoes and some lemon juice next, and also try baking sweet potatoes.

October 2018

Last day of my Long leave and all I did today was skipped gym, did laundry, read, watch shows, paint my nails and now I am going to get ready for my date.

There are still days when I speak so fondly of you.There are still days when I miss you and replay all the adorable things you did for me.And everyday I can’t forget the moment you admitted that you slept with someone else.

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