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My Husband's First Watch: A Seiko

This post is a tribute to @timothytiah Seiko Premier Watch giveaway post in his blog:

Decided to share this on Dayre, as H is still unaware that I am on this platform . Not that I'm trying to keep it a secret though!

Should I have the chance to win, I would want to keep it as a surprise for H.


So.. I got married somewhere last month to the love of my life, H. Explains all the hiatus! Been so busy balancing life on the wedding preparation, and now as a wife, full time employee, part time student.

While I would not say it's a walk on the cloud all the time post marriage life, I would say it's a good journey discovering my partner.

Life as a husband and wife takes sometime to get used to, as there are new routines and chores we both need to think of. But safe to say, I can assure myself that there's no one I'd rather spend my life with. H is indeed the black to my white, the yin to my yang.

Post our solemnization. Part of the ceremony when we both put a ring on each other.

Anyway the intention of this post is not to rewind my wedding day, but to tell a story of my husband's first watch, his first Seiko.

My husband came from a middle income family. He is an auditor in practice working for one of the firm, a natural career path considering he comes from accounting background.

The first time we met also during the annual dinner of the firm la! Haha it was my first job, and he's one of the senior. Lol to cut the story short, less than 2 years after that, we're now happily married!

Talking about his accounting background, you know how people associate accountants with being prudent and stingy? Haha it's a general perception but I can say in some cases it's true!

But in my husband's case, I wouldn't say he's stingy at all. He feeds me well and he still spoils me every now and then.

But one thing about H is that he is prudent on himself. I hardly see him spend a lot of money on material things on himself. Whatever he has, he will use it for many years to come.

While this is me on my payday, it contradicts H a lot. He will settle all his bills, save a lot, spend on the necessary and still have some leftovers to save by the end of the month. My usual practice is to firstly save, pay bills and spend spend spend! Sometimes I'm guilty for scraping my bank towards the end of the month lol.

One example of his prudent character is the sandal he wears. He has it since his uni days! Making it like.. 7 or 8 years now. When the sole comes off, he went to fix it at the cobbler. Good to say that the sandal still serves him well to this date. I did offer to buy him new one, but he refuse to allow me too. To him, as long as the item is still functioning to serve it's purpose, it good enough.

Another one is his Seiko watch. He had it for the longest time and refuse to change to a new one. Until one day some accidents happened affecting the watch functionality. The warranty definitely has lapsed and fixing it will take many months, according to the shop assistant. They have to send it back to the factory and to perform checking and whatnot.

That's approximately how the watch looks, except that it's likely to be an older model.

H being a simple man he is decided not to go through all the trouble as at that point in time, no one is sure whether the damage will be repairable, considering that it is an old model.

H then went on not wearing a watch, although I know how much a hassle it would have been for him as a working adult. He constantly needs to check his phone to check for time.

Seeing that breaks my heart, knowing how he would not hesitate spending for his family. H being H, always prudent for himself but not to his loved ones. That's one thing I truly respect of him. To me, that embodies selflessness perfectly.

Approaching our wedding, I decided to get him a watch as one of the wedding hantaran. In Malay culture, we have this thing called 'hantaran' where both bride and groom exchange gifts, often in odd number of quantity.

I still remember the day we went to Parkson, KLCC to choose his watch. He wanted a Seiko again! But I suggested otherwise. I told him to widen his brand choice this time. H hesitated, but agree to follow my suit. H being H, the simple man he is, he is hardly fussy over anything. I really striked a jackpot on this one.

So we went back, with another watch for him.

But to this date, I could still sense his desire for a Seiko watch. He kept praising Seiko's brand, quality and how it fits his taste. Also,I sometimes caught him admiring Seiko's watch at the watch shop while waiting for me to do my shopping.

I suppose, his first love with Seiko will always last.

Knowing H, he will not buy another watch in the nearest time. Being a family person he is, he will never hesitate to spend the same amount of money equivalent to the watch to his family, or even more.

To be honest, if I can turn back time I would just heed to his Seiko choice back then. At that time, I have yet to realize his dear love for a Seiko.

And now, with H having to put a roof on me and take care of my basic necessities, I know he would think many many times before purchasing any big ticket items in the future. As much as he desires his Seiko, I know he will not spend simply spend his hard earned money just like that.

His birthday is coming soon and I couldn't think of any better gift to give to this man, the selfless guy who always put his family and me above his needs and desire. The responsible husband who always think to save money for the later days.

H, if someday you stumble upon this Dayre post, just know that I appreciate all you've done and all you will do for both of us and our little family in the future. Thank you for being an awesome husband to this wife of yours.

I thank God that on 30th November 2014, in the Grand Ballroom of One World Hotel, we crossed paths.

You're definitely one of the best decision I've ever made in my life.

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Sunday, 23 Oct 2016

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