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Mrs Wong and Baby K's mummy

April 2019

March 2019

Oooh got new Samsung interface with the latest update. Perhaps cause of S10? So sleek I like hahaha. Once in a while got new interface also feel like i changed phone. #cheapthrill lol

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Why sia. Everytime my mil is here K takes short naps and wakes up crying 🙄🙄 Thrice already since last week......

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Ugh. Is it got good naps (okay short 2nd nap but got nap v good already) then bad night sleep???? It's a terrible freaking horrible vicious cycle and I'm so tired of stressing about her sleep. 😫😫😫 So stressed counting timings everyday, rewinding camera many times a day, looking at the monitor near transition timings and praying with all my heart she naps longer/naps/doesn't have a false start.

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Felt like that all of a sudden after K went down for her second nap. Tried to get some shut eye also but too noisy downstairs. And then when K was up, suddenly felt worse ugh. Like some mild migraine with body ache. Quickly popped two panadol and took a rest in bed although I'm not sure if I slept. 😂 Can't remember the last time I ate panadol lol. Haven't been sick in a long time and the last time I was sick was also a flu. Been years since I had fever. 🤔

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My hair is longer again and it's always up in a ponytail cause I can't stand heat. But add that to my fat(ter) face, I look and feel so frumpy everyday. 😢 Really becoming 黄脸婆 Already leh. Got the itch to cut my hair again. But Hubs says if cut should cut very short like tomboy style. LOL cannot lah my face too round can't pull off such short hair.

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