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May 2019

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Yesterday was incredibly fun too. Except for the fact that there was no train between Yishun and Woodlands and I had to make super long detour just to get to CCK.I took circle line from Bishan to Botanic Gardens, changed to the Downtown Line to Bukit Panjang before taking the LRT to CCK. Oh what we do for love LOL. Met his cousins at Lot One for lunch before we adjourned to his aunt’s place to chill. We ended up playing Mahjong and that was actually the first time I played outside home.

So we watched a movie last night. Was planning to watch The Hustle but I chose A Dog’s Journey in the end and I CRIED during the movie, especially towards the end. I was also that kid squealing Cos the dogs were super duper cute (case in point I don’t scream at handsome guys in movies, jooyee) So it was really hilarious and I’m so sad that I didn’t get it on camera. I was super early because I brought my terrarium to repot at Tanjong Pagar.

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Whoops! I was super tired yesterday and couldn’t continue at night hahaha!!! So anyway, we met again that same week on Good Friday to go to Shilin Market in Singapore. It was a horrible experience Cos it was super duper crowded (kudos to the guy who wanted to go on the FIRST day). We ended up leaving extra early Cos it rained and we went to city hall in the end. Had dinner at the udon... my favorite udon place (haha) and we ended up sitting there and talking until the shop closed.

How I met my...

Hello!Wow one month flew past ley! Hahah! I don’t know how to keep tabs on this place anymore. I realize with the whole ‘closing down’ episode I haven’t been updating much about my life.

April 2019

Hello Dayre. It has been slightly more than a month and I must say, things have gotten better (: I don’t want to jinx anything but I can safely say I’m over the previous episode and while bumping into him did made me feel a bit... self-conscious? But hey,I did nothing wrongI had nothing to hideI was true to myselfAndI wasn’t the one who opted to switch tables just to avoid the other in the end. Just saying.

March 2019

我喜欢你但已经太迟了Awaiting next challenger.

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