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November 2018

A customer service that replies me on a Wednesday night to tell me they gave me an exchange out of goodwill basis but I will have to do so before Friday. They also allowed me to change from XS to S which means I may not have the option to go for M. And I have to go down to the same outlet to do so.Paggro much? The reason why I wasn’t allowed to change was because they had a discount for 2 REGULAR PRICED items bought. Which means if I had split the bill I would be able to change my item.

October 2018

Wearing my failures as a daily reminder that I can only suck this much.

I am so stressed I just want somebody to hug. But even then I’m denied that option. My life sucks.

September 2018

Work Woes

So I’m into my third month of working and honestly things have been... delusional-ly great. I wouldn’t say all work is the best every work has its own fare share of ups and downs but I think today takes the cake. Coupled with the fact that I’m sick, I really have zero tolerance for nonsense. But nonsense has to slap me on both cheeks today.A bit of background on my work. I’m working for the government and I handle feedback from the public.

You’d expect someone to feel all fine. Because how else can you dispel a girl’s insecurities? Right, you throw her in an unstable relationship.

August 2018

We will always want more.

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