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Daylight savings really confused H & I for the day. But gaining an extra hour surely did felt like we had a longer day and longer sleep.

Wanted to spend the day at home but ended with H bugging to go out.

But after hours and hour of begging and persuading, H finally bribed me with some churros.

So here I am, with my beloved churros

It's been a really really REALLY long time since I've been to San Churros.

But we can never say no to churros.

Then I went to look for some underwear.

Let me just say how hard and expensive it is! I wished people would buy them as gifts. 😂

And I mean the regular everyday Cotton's, not funky g-strings and funky Strings and laces that doesn't cover anything and most of all, uncomfortable.

My god, I sound like an aunty.

Walked around and about, H decided someday he's going to get this instead of a pram.

I told him he's going to regret it. 😂

Tonight's dinner

Home cooked hotpot

Way cheaper...

Why pay so much at haidilao when you can have it at home?

$9 for 1kg of lamb & beef. As compared to paying $34 outside.

Day 97

Sunday, 7 Apr 2019

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