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June 2019

然后...我没有忘记过你..我一直都在这里..然后...你走进我的生活里第二次 ..然后..你的选择就是没有然后...

All is acting weird. Shall not care so much anymore.

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#L07 #1311 #mrteddybear

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2015 I met you and lost touch. 2016 passed by and I miss you. 2017 came and go. 2018 I decided to let go but you came back and lost touch. 2019 I'm still here and miss you very much. #L07 #1311 #mrteddybear

May 2019

Woke up and got chased out for breakfast. Then out of sudden, everyone just throw their anger on me. I was extremy bad mood after that. Throw anger at me for what? From there I was really down already. Totally no moood. Reached home and still dont feel alright. I just went to the room and just cried. I cried cause was feeling super helpless,not knowing what to do and its just a sad emotion came rushing into me. I thought I was okay but I'm really not okay.

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This was the heartbreaking one...Do you think if I care that you are too weak to take care of me? If you are weak, I would take care of you till you are stronger and that's when you can take care of me. And not leaving you just because you are weak. You totally underestimate me. #1311#L07#koalabii#mrteddybear

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