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February 2019

Missing you lots... biii...

Happy Valentine's Day my one and only bii stranger. #bii #L07

Bii, where are you? I'm at a place where you always come when you need a break. Where are you?

January 2019

Guess you have moved on...You kept telling me that you're 贱男. I chose to not believe it cause deep down i know you are not the real 贱男. But now... idk what to feel. I really wanna break down and hope someone can tell me what to do.

👩: ehh i got something to ask you.. 👧: hahh what is it? 👩: what's your relationship between you and #L07? 👧: hahh.. nothing ah👩: hah what nothing? Saw in fb like so sweet sweet. 👧: got meh? Lol👩: yah got la. Then suddenly saw him post about missing his ex gf and etc.👧: hahaha nothing lo. We are just 没有讲话的朋友 👩: hah?! So serious meh? 👧: hahaha yala 没有讲话的朋友👩: oh its okay la. Find another one. 👧: hahaha so easy to find meh

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