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ShopBack 10.10 Sale & Giveaway!

If you’ve been following me on Dayre or on my blog, you’ll know that I’m an online shopaholic who LOVES getting good deals and discounts. I mean, which sane person doesn’t? Haha. Anyway, I’ve been trying not to shop so much, but with the recent arrival of the twins, I’ve had two very good and legit reasons to shop more. ✌🏼️

Plus, when I’m stuck on the sofa/bed with one or two babies glued to my boobs, I can’t do much apart from surf the Net on my phone, and when I say “surf the Net”, I really mean “browse online shopping websites”. 😁

To be fair, I do a lot more browsing than actual buying, but my goodness, it’s so tempting to click “add to cart” and “check-out cart”, because there are soooo many good deals online. I don’t even have to step out of the house to buy something,

because with two babies and a preschooler, I doubt I can go shopping at a mall any time soon. Plus, with online shopping, I can get all the bulky and heavy items delivered right to my doorstep! πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

My top three favourite shopping websites are:

1. honestbee

I get most of my groceries here, as NTUC FairPrice is one of the stores available. No need to lug toilet paper, tissue paper, rice, milk, and other heavy items home anymore! I also love the same-day delivery option, which is super convenient for last-minute shoppers like me.

PS. If you’re a new honestbee shopper, please use this link to register and get $20 off your first purchase:

2. Lazada

I used to buy diapers for N from honestbee, then my friends told me to check out Lazada, because it has better deals. I’ve been kicking myself for not knowing that earlier, so don’t make the same mistake as me, okay?

I also found this new MamyPoko Kids Pants for Night Time with the Disney Cars design, and N loves it. I haven’t seen it being sold anywhere else, so I’m pretty pleased that I discovered it on Lazada, or N will still be wearing tape diapers to bed. 😳

Don’t ask me about letting him go diaper-less at night. He pees A LOT at night, and his diaper is always super heavy when he wakes up. I already have to wake up enough times to nurse the babies, so I have no interest in waking up even more frequently to get N to go pee in the toilet. I've tried asking him if he wants to go diaper-less, and he asked me, "Why? Can just pee-pee in the diaper what!" πŸ™„

N’s fancy new night-time diapers

Lazada sells a ton of other things which aren’t related to parenting, but because I’m a boring, erm I mean, devoted mum, I usually only look at the “Baby & Toys” category. I bought the My Brest Friend Twin Plus Nursing Pillow from Lazada, and at a better price than what I’ve seen in shops.

I’m not going to list the different categories and products that you can get from Lazada because there are just too many, so do take a look at the website on your own, k?

Auntie here used to wait till Thursdays and Fridays to shop on Lazada, because they had free delivery on baby items on Thursdays, and DBS credit cards offered an extra discount on Fridays, but now that Lazada offers free economy shipping storewide, I can shop any day I like. πŸŽ‰

3. Book Depository

I have a serious book addiction. I can’t stop buying books for N! Book Depository has a very wide range of books, plus there’s free worldwide shipping. The only drawback is that the books take some time to get to you, but that doesn’t bother me. N has come to recognize the standard brown cardboard packaging, and gets really excited whenever he sees one (or two, or three) in our letterbox.

We love books so much that I have a weekly book recommendation series on my blog, called Friday Flips. In fact, tomorrow’s Friday Flips will feature the Letterland items from this giveaway, so you can read more about them in the blogpost tomorrow.

I buy supplements and children’s snacks from iHerb (sign up with my discount code DRM056 to get $10 off your first purchase) regularly, and I used to shop for clothes quite a bit on Zalora before I got pregnant.

Oh, and who doesn’t love shopping on Taobao, right? I went a bit bonkers on Taobao previously, so I haven’t dared to open that app since then.

As you can tell, I look for websites that offer good discounts and if possible, free shipping. Since I’m a SAHM, I need to find ways to save money, right? What’s better than saving money? Earning money WHILE you’re saving money! Does that even make sense to you?

If it doesn’t, it means you haven’t heard of ShopBack before, so let this auntie tell you more about it.

ShopBack is a website with all the promotions and voucher codes from over 500 renowned brands, including the three websites I mentioned earlier, as well as Sephora, ASOS, iHerb, Zalora, Taobao, Zuji, and Expedia.

Shopping at ShopBack allows us to earn up to 30% Cashback with each purchase, so for example, if the Cashback for the merchant is 12%, and you spend $100, you’ll get $12 Cashback. THAT’S how you earn money while saving money!

If you shop on any of the 500+ online stores on your mobile phone, you can earn real cash every month, and get access to the latest promotions, shipping offers, and promo codes while you’re out and about.

If you’re as auntie as me, you can compare prices on the ShopBack app while you’re out shopping, to ensure that you get the best possible deal. The Cashback can be redeemed via Bank Transfer or Paypal, and goes straight into your account, absolutely hassle-free.

Apart from the wide variety of online stores, ShopBack offers the Cashback ON TOP OF whatever discounts and promo codes used, so you earn Cashback based on the final amount that you pay.

You get a really good price on whatever you buy, thanks to the discounts available, AND you earn some money because of the Cashback offered by ShopBack. If you can find a better deal than this, please let me know, because I think this is a really amazing deal, and it’s the best I’ve ever heard of. Seriously.

I only recently discovered ShopBack, so I haven’t cashed out my Cashback yet, because I’m waiting to hit $10 in redeemable Cashback, which will happen soon, since I’ve made quite a few purchases already.

It takes between 30-60 days for the order to be validated and added to your Cashback account, because the merchant needs to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange.

My Cashback information.

Doesn't look like much, but my policy has always been "mai hiam buay pai" (it's not bad if you're not fussy). If I didn't use ShopBack, I won't even be able to earn a single cent from all my purchases!

Part of my Cashback transaction details

ShopBack’s Perfect 10.10 Sale is coming soon! On October 10th, you can get up to 20% upsized Cashback from ShopBack’s top 10 most popular stores. A little bird told me that these 10 stores (subject to change) are:


I’ve already been busy browsing some of these online stores to see what I can buy. 😁

Make sure you do your homework before October 10th, to make sure that you don’t miss out on this great deal! Even if you don’t shop on all 10 of the online stores listed, I’m sure you can find at least one or two websites from that list that you like.

On top of the 20% upsized Cashback, there will also be 10 products at supersized Cashback! Unfortunately, these 10 products are top secret, and will only be unveiled on the day itself, so you’ll have to check ShopBack for more details then. πŸ˜”

There are some newly added merchants such as:



Singtel Music:


Shopee: up to 10% Cashback

Uber: up to $15 Cashback

Apple Online:

App store:

They’re not part of the supersized Cashback, but some of them offer pretty good deals and cashback amounts, so do check them out too.

If you need another reason to use ShopBack, here’s one specially for all Growing with the Tans readers:

Sign up at to get a $5 signup bonus and another $5 with your first ShopBack order. πŸ€‘

Go ahead, sign up now, and start getting paid to shop!


GrowingwiththeTans x ShopBack Giveaway

ShopBack is sponsoring these two book sets for two lucky readers of Growing with the Tans! Terms and conditons apply.

Set A consists of some of the Letterland items I’ll be reviewing in tomorrow’s Friday Flips blogpost, while Set B has three Disney Read-Along Books & CDs. I've reviewed some other titles in this series before in Friday Flips #29, so you can check that blogpost out if you want to know what they’re about.

Do note that if you're already a ShopBack user, you need to use a different email address to register for a new ShopBack account via this link, in order to qualify for this giveaway.

There are two ways to participate in this giveaway.

Option A (for Dayre users)
1. Sign up for a new ShopBack account via this link:
2. Leave a comment on this Dayre post, stating the email address you used to sign up for the ShopBack account (you MUST use the link above), your choice of Set A or B, and tag at least three of your Dayre friends* whom you think will be interested in this giveaway.

*Note: Please do NOT leave multiple comments. All tags are to be in the same comment with the required information.

Option B is for non-Dayre users, and will be revealed in my Friday Flips blogpost and on my blog’s Facebook page tomorrow morning at 715am. You guys get an extra day to participate in this giveaway, just because you’re my Dayre readers! Not bad right?

Terms & Conditions

This giveaway ends on Thursday, 6th October 2016, at 2359h, and is open to Singapore residents only. (Sorry to all my readers from other countries!)
Winners will be contacted via the email address provided when entering this giveaway, and will have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be selected.
All incomplete entries will be disqualified, and all entries will be verified before the winners are announced.

To be fair to our sponsor, please note that all fake Dayre and Facebook accounts (accounts set up purely to take part in contests, with no or very few real friends), will be disqualified.
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Dayre or Facebook.


TL;DR: ShopBack lets you earn money while you shop, and you get an extra $10 if you sign up for a ShopBack account using my link:

What are you waiting for? Copy the link above, and sign-up for your ShopBack account now. Yes, NOW!

#maituliao #goodthingsmustshare #buybuybuy #gwttshopback

Tandem nursing the babies after dropping N off at his Chinese class. Didi has his eyes closed as usual, while Meimei is staring at me, and frowning a little. I smiled at her, and she suddenly smiled back! 😍

I tell you, God made babies cute, because it's part of their survival tactics. When they pee/poop all over you, or wake you up for the umpteen time, all it takes is a cute smile/look from them, and all your anger instantly dissipates.

"Are you talking about me again, mummy?"

Came home after sending N to school, and this one was sucking furiously on his Pigeon pacifier, waiting for me to nurse him. Short video clip of him on my IG stories!

Sleeping Baby 1

Sleeping Baby 2

I picked out identical outfits for them today, in case you haven't noticed. 😁 Hopefully they will be cooperative later, and let me take a nice photo of them twinning.

My confinement lady is leaving tomorrow, so this is my last lunch cooked by her. 😒


Someone is trapped in the lift at our block! N was really concerned, and we quickly called the hotline for help. The teenager inside was calmly sitting on the floor, playing with his phone. Think we looked more anxious than him! I banged on the door to tell him that I've called for help already, and I think he said he called too. Hope he gets rescued soon!

Practising his scissors skills after his nap.

Forgot to take a photo of our dinner! Last one cooked by auntie. 😭

C is home for the weekend! Just in time coz the lady is leaving tomorrow afternoon. He has a full day of meetings tomorrow, so I'll be handling all three kids more or less on my own. Gulp. Please pray for me! πŸ™πŸΌ

I'm pretty sure N thinks I run some hotel breakfast service. He's been placing his breakfast order over the past few nights.

"Mama, tomorrow, I want a little bit of egg for breakfast. Scrambled, okay, not hard-boiled. Then, some bread, but not with butter. You put cheese inside, k? Oh, and I want yogurt drops too. Okay? Thanks."

So, in addition to waking up a few times at night to feed the babies, I have to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast for N. πŸ˜‘

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