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Needed a space to rant abt some of the things I may / or may not encountered personally just because it’s Friday night & I am chilling & refusing to sleep.

• Person A always asked for 101 advice & help when well, plenty of things are those that could have goggled online or just analyze personally. It’s not even some emotionally baggage or dilemma kind of thing. If you ask me, it’s just laziness/reliance & whatever la. So now help is needed from person A.

It was almost an outright rejection. Whattttttttttt. The cover up was need to check before can help. The reply never came back. Whattttttttttt. What kind of person are you huh. 懂不懂感恩怎么写??

• Person B. Not easy to click. Half the time don’t know what talking you kind of feeling. Always post shit on fb hao-lianing subtly. Always think ownself is good example.

Cb people ask u free or not never reply. Then on actual day itself ask to meet. Need meet early somemore. You no work other people no work mehhhhhhhhhhhhh. Haiz talk don’t know got use brain or not.

• Person C. Inconsiderate bitch. & always doubt & suspect. Every single thing you also doubt. 做人难. You better reflect & look at why things happened.

• Person D & E. These 2 person always bitch about each other when the other party is not around lolol. But guess whatttttt. The 2 is of same fucking lousy character!!! Have very similar flaws. Why don’t these people think about their own flaws one ah??

Life has been difficult thus far lolol. But well all things shall pass. When it hit rock bottom it can only get better.

On a side note, I was reconciling my expenses for the past few months & realize I miss calculated something. So all these while I may have over spent because I thought I was a little rich & I ought to spend the money to make myself feel better after all the shit I been through. Now it could have been shit x2 further away from my Chanel dream. Lololol.

Day 12

Saturday, 12 Jan 2019

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