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Simple girl in a complex world.

March 2019

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...there are two choices when we find ourselves in this predicament - give in to the tyranny and lose our passion or worse still ourselves, OR get moving and remember who you are and why you are not going to stay oppressed.Your peace of mind is everything - don't let anyone else steal that from you!

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Bear pretty much summed up what I've been keeping in the last couple of weeks. With all the nonsense going on, I'm surprised that I can still be surprised at how things turned out or how accusations were made.I may not be a certified brand specialist but man, I breath, eat, sleep brand throughout my career and get super protective plus anal over the brands of whichever account that I take care of under my portfolio.

February 2019

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People never ceased to amaze me at how much balls they have at marketing themselves.Going through some resumes now and I have a candidate stating that her written English skill is 8/10. However, her English assessment test from the job portal only yield 28/40. Isn't that amazing?!Come I clap for you for you certainly have balls!

January 2019

Day 5 of work in 2019 and I'm feeling super stressed now!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looking at babies' photos on Dayre and Insta to calm myself down.

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