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July 2018

A secondary school friend whom we used to hang out with just passed away. I can't believe it. We are only 28 and I just saw her overseas instagram post.

Recently got to know a sad news of one of my family members. I realised my relationship expectation sort of changed a lot from my early 20s to late 20s.Used to find proposals and wedding very important. But now it is like...Noel play with Jude... YEAH!Noel accompany me in family gatherings... YEAH!Someone listen to me rant about work... YEAH!Just having someone to share what I eat for lunch... YEAH YEAH YEAH!

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My purchases from iHerb just arrived. Can you imagine I bought all these at about $55? Tried my Naturade Total Soy which cost like $18 compared to my Herbalife $45 (member price somemore). And it is much bigger. It is quite yum and a good alternative to Herbalife (because selection is quite boring for the sg branch tbh). I am not pro or against herbalife lah. Thankful for the platform to know a community of healthy people.

January 2018

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