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If you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re drunk

June 2019

May 2019

Not even joking when I say I get anxiety attacks once every week and in today’s episode, I’m stuck with fast heart beat, palm sweating, feeling like my guts are turning upside down, I’m shaking...and all these because of a document that hasn’t been approved. What the shilingggg toot. I’m constantly feeling very stuck cause I don’t want people to not have a job, and just stuck around town with nothing to do and no money

April 2019

Adult life is complicated, it feels like everyone is just wearing a mask, pretending to be someone they are not in order to fit into the community they want to be in. I wish adult life was simpler where people stop pretending to be others, people start being real to themselves. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a world where I’m not really sure who are genuine and who are not, who are the people who really cares and people who just wants to take advantage.

March 2019

I’m constantly reminded that i should always be grateful for what I have today. As I stepped into a meeting with the pm at the executive lounge at waterfront. I suddenly reminded how I was praying for a different job and I was contacted to come into an interview the next day at the exact same executive lounge. Lmao, I happily announced it to my pm that day some more and told him how I was so nervous, I didn’t realise the executive lounge looks that big and serves food??

February 2019

......I’m a workaholic.

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