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July 2019

He wants a break up

June 2019

Hello girls!I apologies for not posting much and keep sharing all the boring stories!Today come back with few things to share. I went official with AL😎we actually date for about 2months+ before we get official. I tried not to hesitate too much this time, and grab the chance!Altho during this 2 months time, we are pretty much like couple already. Hold hands, kissing, introducing me to his friends and all. (Me being me, love all the touches)

February 2019

Hello everyone, i think most of you are right! We did not talk that much now. I asked him if he missed me since we haven’t see each other for quite sometimes. He said ‘we haven’t see each other so long liao. I get used to it already’.After the silent treatment that i received few weeks back, i am getting one again right now :) i will be lying if i said i am fine with it. I will be lying if i said i don’t feel disappointed or sad about it. But, this time, i am not going to ask him anything

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