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March 2019

My are my # hashtags not working @blog

I had a crazy weekend. Went out with some friends on Friday night and only reached home at 3am. Slept at 4am after packing and showering and 3.5 hours later I was up to attend a 9am Hollywood session. Rushed for lunch appointment after and had to play hosts to our family friend. Day ended at 12am. Shag Max! Did I mentioned I was up at 5.30am on Friday morning. Lololol

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“Your clothes size shouldn’t matter”How I wish I can take the above sentence in stride. I am sad because none of the size M fits me now? Is there any change to the usual #lovebonito sizing?

Walked into Chanel yesterday and tempted myself to get a pair of espadrilles. Hahaha. The SA who assisted me was very nice la. Seldom get this kind of service in NAC. But then again I hardly visit Chanel unless I already have an item I am aiming to get

February 2019

Pulsing squats are the new fave

Day 3 of 6.55am session! And it’s bears today 😱

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