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a thankful life ✨

June 2019

people expect people to be alright with ldr. be independent! u each need to have your own life! it’s not that long, people have done YEARS of ldr! it’s true, it can be done. but the process is paaaaaainful as hell.

May 2019

context context contextif i cry while face timing, i’m weak.if i cry AFTER hanging up, i’m strong for holding it together. this hurts. fuck.


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not sure what is happening to dayre and i’m quite hesitant to post anything lest they get locked up and i can’t retrieve it back. what is happening, dayre?been a good slow week since finals ended. spent the first three days waking up at 10/11am and doing nothing productive except heading out to teach. with this slower life, i’m actually enjoying teaching more. the kids are more adorable and less annoying when i’m less sleep-deprived lol.

April 2019

slowly slowly day by day. going is tough.

March 2019

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one day left of march. been such a crazy month of assignments and projects and presentations, tuition, applying for internships and dance. pretty pretty insane, but one thing i’m grateful is at least i get to have a meal at home at least twice a week. i remember when i was on the exco for caderas and PNK, i really hated it when i couldn’t be home for dinner with my fam.

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