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April 2019

L is at the stage whereby he will cry or throw tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. For example: I gave him peach after dinner and he cries for more after he finished. Just keep crying until I really orh until no more then he was satisfied. This boy really has a bad temper. My hub keep telling me to stay zen when I really want to flip table. Parenthood 101: breath in and out, stay zen 😑

March 2019

Scrambling to buy pant diapers and winter hat for L before our trip tomorrow. The hat was a last min decision because L still quite botak so I think his head wouldn’t be able to tahan the cold.

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Sherperd pie for LUse soy milk for the mashed potato. Could have added more tomatoes but overall taste was good.

BabyL recently wakes up at 5+am and don’t go back to sleep. Omgosh so I tried giving him milk, give pacifier but still this boy just refused to go back to sleep. Mama here damn sleep deprived can

🤦🏻‍♀️ soooo hungry

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