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Wed | Old Seng Choong 🌜🍰

Stripes are everywhere I go today γ€° Wearing a cute dress romper to work, will show you guys how it looks like later this week!

Stay tuned to @hollyhoque's Dayre! πŸ˜‰

πŸ“Beer Thai

Here for pork noodles since @thejadeflower had the feels for it and just nice, we opted in for the $4 grab promo last week so off we went πŸš•

@aroimakmak you jelly? 🀣

Wilbur introduced this noodles to us and now we are here without him hiak hiak. Come back to eat it with us!!

Best part is that cha yen costs only $1 here ✌🏻

Buying desserts with the change from our meal 😜

Sweet potato balls, FRESHLY FRIED ✌🏻

The lady warned us it was really hot, but @ccharrmaine @davienne and I were too greedy to wait πŸ˜‚ didn't get to savour it properly because I was too busy trying to avoid getting my tongue burnt hahaha

Old Seng Choong 🌝🍰

Guys you remember the Apple pies and Butter cakes that #OldSengChoong sent over a while ago?

(I'm still dreaming of that Apple pie btw 🀀)

Now they sent over snowskin mooncakes for my family and I to try (thank you Janine!) and I couldn't be more excited because I love snowskin mooncakes!

I love the traditional ones (without lotus seeds) too, but who can resist snowskin right? It's like mochi with yummy lotus paste in it! Win-win ✌🏻

So what you see here are these flavours:

Cranberries with Choya,
Passionfruit with Martini Mint,
Chocolate with Rum,
& Coffee with Whisky snowskin mooncakes.

Definitely new & interesting flavours to me ✨

I specially brewed a pot of the o'sulloc wedding tea which is very aromatic and has light floral notes to complement the mooncakes πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

One of our best buys during our trip to Seoul last year!

Putting the mooncakes to the taste test!

Here's the Chocolate Rum Snowskin 🍫

And the Coffee with Whisky Snowskin β˜•οΈ

I attempted to take cross section of the Mooncake after carefully cutting through but the chocolate shells surrounding the center filling really poses a challenge πŸ˜…

In the end, I decided it would be better to use the images taken by the pros at OSC instead. So here they are!

Choc at the top, and coffee at the bottom πŸ‘†πŸ»

Taste wise...

🍫 Chocolate Rum Snowskin

I like rum in my icecream and I thought it would like it in my Mooncake too but I think it was a little bitter for my liking.

Plus the chocolate used is probably dark chocolate (not a fan of it), so there was a mix of a bitter taste all around which really hit my tastebuds hard.

Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure if you are a fan of a liqueur like rum and dark choc in particular, this will be a hit with you ✌🏻

β˜•οΈ Coffee with Whisky Snowskin

First thought when I saw the flavour was Bailey's Irish cream and it turned out to be coffee infused lotus paste & a choc ganache centre with Macallan Whisky.

How exquisite!

I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of Whisky unless it's in coke 🌚 but this was REALLY GOOD.

I finished half of it all by myself HAHA.

The white chocolate ganache is so smooth and has just the right amount of sweetness to balance the whisky in it. I'm so happy that the intensity of the liqueur isn't that strong in this one. I'm just not for an overpowering alcohol taste in mooncakes.

The coffee infused lotus paste was a star as well, reminded me of red bean paste too! πŸ€—

πŸ’ Cranberries with Choya Snowskin

No cranberry emoji, so let's make do with cherries shall we? πŸ€—

This is my fav Mooncake out of all!! No surprises because I do like Choya quite a bit. Discovered my love for it a while back when I had Choya martini 🍸

The vibrant pinkish red paste is where you can find and taste the cranberries distinctly. I was half expecting it to be a tad sour, but nope, it was pleasantly sweet πŸ™‚

The center seems to be a mix of white chocolate ganache with bits of Choya infused umeshu plum! Very refreshing and light. I really enjoyed the contrast against the cranberries paste πŸ’›

And last but not least...

This beautiful yellow one is the πŸΈπŸƒ Passionfruit with Martino Mint Snowskin!

The colour is so vibrant and cheery! I was looking forward to trying this the most when I opened the box ☺️

Like the other mooncakes, the lotus paste has passionfruit mixed into it and I felt it was as refreshing a taste as the cranberries one!

My sister didn't fancy it though because she couldn't taste much of the lotus paste like my tastebuds could πŸ˜…

The centre looks very much like a herb butter mix, doesn't it?? πŸ˜‚ I just can't get over that. But it's actually a martini mint mix with chocolate truffle ganache.

I couldn't taste much of any alcohol tbh, but I could definitely taste the mint!

I got a little tingly cooling sensation as the ganache coated my tongue because of the bits of mint leaves! πŸƒ

It's definitely a unique flavour that I never expected in a mooncake! I initially thought it was a salted egg yolk flavour because of the colour, and was a tiny bit disappointed to find out it was not hahaha πŸ˜…

Apart from these unique snowskin mooncakes, they have the traditional baked ones and all time favourites like Custard Egg Yolk blend (I'm drooling at the thought of this!) and Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin to satisfy both your mooncake AND durian craving at the same time 😜✌🏻

You can get your fix in two ways – online & at their booth!

Old Seng Choong Mooncakes go on sale online from 22 August till 3 October 2017

Place your order over at:

And I'm happy to share that there will be very attractive card promotions during different periods for online and booth orders!

Of course, the best discount is for early birds so hurry place your order by 8 Sep!

Here's the breakdown –

Online πŸ’»

✨ 22 Aug - 8 Sep: 35% + additional 5% discount for DBS/POSB card holders = 38.25%

✨ 9 Sep - 15 Sep: 30% + additional 5% discount for DBS/POSB card holders = 33.5%

✨ 16 Sep - 22 Sep: 25% + additional 5% discount for DBS/POSB card holders = 28.75%

✨ 23 Sep - 3 Oct: 20% + additional 5% discount for DBS/POSB card holders = 24%

The DBS/POSB discount can be applied by keying in the first 6 numbers on any of your DBS/POSB cards. :) Eg. DBS123456

If you don't have a DBS/POSB card, ask your friends!

Booth πŸ›’

B2 Takashimaya Square, 31 Aug – 4 Oct 2017

Tangs Vivocity Atrium, 5 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Nex Mall Atrium, Level 1, 14 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Atrium at Jurong Point, Level 1, 18 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Tampines Mall Atrium, Level 1, 20 Sep – 3 Oct 2017

✨ Early Bird Discounts with booth purchases ✨

22 Aug – 8 Sept: 25% off purchase
9 Sept – 15 Sept: 20% off purchase
16 Sept – 22 Sept: 15% off purchase
23 Sept – 3 Oct: 10% off purchase

DBS/POSB Card Members enjoy an additional 10% off their purchases on top of the early bird discount offered.

There's different tin covers for varying types of mooncakes so you might get something different from what I have here!

But don't worry cause they all look super chio! Can recycle and use as a storage tin for all your ling ling long longs hahaha good right? πŸ˜‰

Big thank you to #oldsengchoong for opening my eyes to a whole new world of snowskin mooncake!

Day 235

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017

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sheilamansy (avatar)

sheilamansy HEY WE TWINNING TODAY πŸ˜›πŸ‘―

2 years ago

juannahope (avatar)

juannahope may i know where your nude sandals r from :)

2 years ago

sharotto (avatar)

sharotto where is this sweet potato balls? looks good!

2 years ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @sheilamansy Whee!! Telepathy✌🏻✨

@juannahope Hello!! It's from Charles & Keith ☺️

@sharotto Hello! It's from Golden Mile Complex, on the level of the supermarket! Sorry I don't know the exact stall name ☹️

2 years ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll I love the sweet potato balls toooo! So sad they closed down the store at the food centre :((

2 years ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @mellllllllll Which store and which food centre!! ☹️

2 years ago

jnsh_ (avatar)

jnsh_ Sweet potato balls ftw 😍😍😍 I just had it on Sunday!!

2 years ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll The same store as golden mile one. They used to have it at bench road food centre but closed down already!

2 years ago

jasmynnn (avatar)

jasmynnn Hi! May I know where your yellow floral top is from? Thanks!

2 years ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @jnsh_ 🀀 yaaaa it's so good but so oily haha cannot have it too often hor!

@mellllllllll Oh!! Didn't know. Nvm lucky can still get it at Golden Mile πŸ€—

@jasmynnn Hello! It's from ASOS! πŸ™‚

2 years ago

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