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Plonking my #ootds here once again hahaha I wanted to update about my birthday and recent happenings but look what haopened the moment I went to select my pics...

I ended up sharing outfit shots instead 😂 #win

Dress: #Fashmob

Adorable gingham piece that comes with self adjustable/tie straps!

Linen number from #TheDesignClosets. I’m so glad it’s 365 days summer in Singapore so that the linen trend can stay a little longer 😬

Acting all cultured at 8Q 🙈

Easily one of my all time fav pairings!

Tee: #Basisclothing
Skirt: #Fashmob

My helper said I look like I’m from a monastery 😩 she don’t know one la!!! So many people like ok! Hahaha

Dress: #Fashmob

This entire set has got people going crazy!! Linen blazer, linen shorts and a button down top to complete the look.

#Fashmob has really nailed it with this look!

Literally head to toe in @hollyhoque! Even my shoes are from them hahaha

Can’t get enough of this cute flutter sleeve top and the pants that are so comfy and gorgeous.

A real shame that it doesn’t sit nicely on everyone. Please try it at #hollyhoque before you buy!!

Liked the #fashmob shorts so much, I had to have it in blue too. No ragrats guyssss

And i got another colour for the striped skirt as well... so predictable 😂 my ultimate weakness is stripes.

Plus it’s so hard to find a flattering skirt for my short upper body and ultra wide hips. This #Fashmob one really nailed it! Top is from there too.... hahaha two colours as well 🙈

Here I’m wearing cream and...

Here’s white with the matching cream pants (for the top above!)

I was planning to wear it as a set but my helper gave me the stink eye that said “monk clothes” again so I switched it up hahaha wtf so judgy

There are other gorgeous colours to this #fashmob tiered maxi but the safe creature of habit in me said “but white can wear more often” hahaha anyone feel me?

Made to swish!!!

Breaking the chain of FM items with this cute @theclosetlover top! This pop of colour is totally what I need.

It’s a reminder to myself that I actually can do colour also la!!! My wardrobe is exploring with neutrals already.

Time to slowly get colour back into my life (😂)

P/s: the details to this piece is just 👍🏻

One of my fav pics because I miraculously managed to capture in the morning before work 😂

I never knew that the sun casted such beautiful shadows on the wall before !! Love it so much 😭

Beautiful crochet eyelet piece is from #TheSundayAvenue. The flare sleeves just make the piece stand out!

Flare sleeves are in... I think? I hope too!! So flattering and comfortable. I hope it’s trending and not just in my mind haha

The tie sash at the waist are sewn on to the dress at the sides and are easily adjusted to your preference.

Love how it gives me such a pleasing silhouette 😍♥️ this is from #TheBeverlynLabel!

Back to #BASISclothing!!

I love how this piece looks really dressy but casual as well because it’s made out of cotton!

The skirt area is lined with a smooth polyester (anyhow guess one LOL) material which keeps this piece very breathable and cooling in spite of the tiers!

The band is elasticised so it’ll flatter most waist sizes accordingly!

Cute as a button is this #TheBeverlynLabel’s top which is definitely made for the warmer weather!!

Back to #Fashmob guys 😂 flutter sleeves, and linen... just can’t go wrong.

Obsessed with these wheat coloured shorts too btw. Just the right length for me and fits like a glove too!

Can easily pair it with so many tops and even a casual statement tee too!

Thicker straps does wonders in making my arms look slimmer!! This #fashmob romper ticks off all the right boxes when it comes to comfort and style.

I’m always glad the length is very escalator-friendly too!!

Feeling a little like a waitress at a diner because of this #BASISclothing top! Very old school feel dont ya think!

Paired it with a linen skirt from them too and it just completes the look.

Injecting a bright dose of colour into my wardrobe with this dress from #HerHappyDose!

I really like the straps come with little frills along the entire strap as well. Definitely adds to the cute factor (which I thought I’ve lost LOL)

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Friday, 19 Oct 2018

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ahmantha (avatar)

ahmantha 😍

2 months ago

bubblegumz (avatar)

bubblegumz Gillian, wats ur size for the Fashmob blazer & shorts? 😍

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @ahmantha 💓💓

@bubblegumz Size S for all Fashmob items hehe 🙆🏻‍♀️

2 months ago

notoriginal (avatar)

notoriginal Gillian you look gorgeous!!! Love you specifically in the ones your helper said looks like you came from the monastery 😂 I disagree, you're made for these types of clothes

2 months ago

shortyminimad (avatar)

shortyminimad 😍😍😍 you so 漂亮 💕💕💕

2 months ago

appleteosw (avatar)

appleteosw Gillian, can check what is the item name for the hollyhoque pants? Looks so good on you😍

2 months ago

charlottewangwang (avatar)

charlottewangwang You is a QTPIE

2 months ago

wanthengy (avatar)

wanthengy Hi! May I know if fashmob tie top in white is seen through in real life? Thank you!

2 months ago

simplicityinlife (avatar)

simplicityinlife Loveeeee all the outfits! 😍

2 months ago

Crawlysmokes (avatar)

Crawlysmokes I love your outfit pics!!! You’re so gorgeous 😍❤️

2 months ago

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