Gillian (avatar)
updated 4 months ago

To the question above...

My answer: Pasar Malam

And for the same question asked differently,

My answer: Charles & Keith 😊

Ok la I jest. Truthfully I didn’t reply the first one yet la. Still thinking if I should.... 🤔 what do you guys think?


I replied sharing the right answer 🙈

Haha I actually get such DMs very often and while I wish some of them could be a little more friendly and polite, I guess I could just give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t mean to be impolite!


If you repeatedly treat me like I’m just an answering machine, then be prepared to be completely ignored for the rest of time.

Please don’t mistake my kindness for weakness ok! 💁🏻‍♀️

Day 324

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018

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Finnyyy (avatar)

Finnyyy you shouldn't haha

4 months ago

tofulove (avatar)

tofulove HAHHAHAHA

4 months ago

butterball (avatar)

butterball i feel ya 🙃🙃

4 months ago

Supermundane (avatar)

Supermundane Don't reply!!!

4 months ago

ellehcdam (avatar)

ellehcdam Actually it’s up to how nice you wanna be. It’s like when someone wants to buy something from you and they say “how much?” Lol 😅

4 months ago

chanx222 (avatar)

chanx222 dedo 0 obligation to reply the first one :’) @ellehcdam i think the example is a lil off. a better one will be a follower asking about a sponsored item in a rude way. cuz in this case, the person who answers the qn gets 0 benefits whereas in your example, the store owner gets the chance to make profits off the rude person (imo larh)

4 months ago

rxyne (avatar)

rxyne Don’t reply!!!! Hahahaha

4 months ago

valeriesyr (avatar)

valeriesyr Hate it too!! Hahahaha

4 months ago

eileen (avatar)

eileen I wouldn’t reply if I were you. You’re taking time to answer his/her question and that person can’t even be bothered to be polite about it. Later you reply then he/she responds with “how much?” 🙄

4 months ago

jasraine (avatar)

jasraine Just don’t reply that person

4 months ago

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