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Celebrated growing a year older with mi familia and this (not so) little catto.

I was half anticipating him to freak out at the sight of the lit candle but nope, he was cool as a cucumber and even want to go super near it hahaha

This garang cat knows no bounds!!

Otw to shoot the very next morning~

My huge canvas tote bag from Bali really comes in handy when I need to bring sooo many 大包小包. Just dump it all in can already!

Did my own hair and makeup... so I was late 😂 terrible la I always have the worst luck with punctuality.

Anyway here’s my completed look...

And this was the inspiration I was asked to reference from.

How did I do?! Fail right hahaha

I really can’t do my eyeshadow for nuts and I really did apply a lot already but it somehow still looked very faint. Strange :/

The main colour theme was peachy 🍑 so I dug out the closest peach colours I could find and put them all on my face. Hahahaa next time I’ll leave it to the capable hands of the MUA instead la hor

Comfy soft knitwear coming your way on BASIS guys!!

I really didn’t wanna get out of this piece because it was insanely soft ☁️ didn’t help that the studio was freezing cold too because of the rain

The unsung hero behind all the shoots, @themerrymaker!!

@charlottewangwang and I twinning in the same colours!

It’s just a flattering colour for all, right?

Midway through the shoot...

I had a lovely surprise from the team!!! 😳😳

Cause we were shooting on my actual bday, and Shuying’s bday was just 2 days away from mine, we celebrated it together with a cake that #mysisterbakes rushed out for us!!

So nice la 😭 1000% touched!

Thanks for the sweetest surprise guys! And thanks #lensofmira for capturing the moment 😭💓

Last outfit change of the day! With the very cute sisters of BASIS @shuls + @themerrymaker 💓

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Loungewear anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Thankful for this BASIS Fam 🙆🏻‍♀️✨

⚡️ Oct babies ⚡️

A final look at the gorgeous cake from @thankgodforpink. Really a magnificent work of art 💓

I missed her very last bake sale and I regret it so much right now 😪

She gave us these mini choc salted caramel tarts to try and I really loved it so much!! Wanted to get more one last time but I MISSED IT. It’s all sold out now wtf

Really my luck with timing is not there at all!!

Since the shoot was in the vicinity of my second hood (since I spent 5 years of my life in that area because of work), X and I went to eat at Lam’s Noodles just a quick drive away from the studio.

Been a long while since I had it!

I still don’t think it’s worth the price but all these extra “premium” ingredients but it was delicious bcm anyway

The salt baked chicken was tender and good too!

Went back to Tamp and successfully satisfied my craving for Playmade’s Chrsyanthemum MT!! Anyone loves this flavour as much as my sis and I do???

We have successfully converted and convinced @iamselheng into becoming obsessed with it too hahaha

While I was buying bbt, X sneakily went into Chateraise beside Playmade to get me a slice of my fav strawberry shortcake hahaha

I asked him after “were you worried I would see you?” He said “yes I was” 😂

Damn effort ♥️

Got this ginormous bouquet of flowers from my dear #fashmob sisters the day before and I was so surprised!!

So touched that they thought of sending me something even though they were overseas at that point in time 💓😭 感动!

So happy that Iris from FM also did her best to send my FM parcel over to me ASAP so I could wear this lovely dress out for my bday dinner!!!

I love it because it’s seemingly serious in the front...

But it has a surprise at the back!

You can’t wear this with a normal bra so do take note ok! It’s well worth the effort cause the dress is amazing - coming to you tmr 10am!!

Bday dinner at the spot of my choice... beauty in the pot 😅

Biggest mistake of my life because the Food and service was crappy. Crappy compared to HDL la tbh. I was so looking forward to the collagen soup but it was so thick and disappointing in terms of flavour.

I’m never betraying HDL again!

Another year older ⚡️

Day 300

Saturday, 27 Oct 2018

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shuls (avatar)

shuls I think you did very well leh!! I love the makeup!! 😍

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @shuls You’re too kind la Shuling!!

2 months ago

xxtine (avatar)

xxtine Hello! Omg i love that stripes knit top!! When is it launching? 🤩🤩

2 months ago

m_ementomori (avatar)

m_ementomori Hello! May I know what filters you use for your photos? They’re lovely!

2 months ago

xxiaoyi (avatar)

xxiaoyi May I know where you get your white eyelet dress from? Thanks :)

2 months ago

cheerUup (avatar)

cheerUup happy birthday!

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @xxtine I’m not exactly sure, but you can keep stalking their IG to find out when ;)

@m_ementomori Hello! I use both VSCO and Adobe Lightroom to adjust the colours 🙆🏻‍♀️

@xxiaoyi It’s from TTR :)

@cheerUup Thank you!!

2 months ago

m_ementomori (avatar)

m_ementomori Thank you :)

2 months ago

thankgodforpink (avatar)

thankgodforpink me I love the CMT too!!

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @m_ementomori no prob 🙆🏻‍♀️

@thankgodforpink yaasss!! It’s so good 😭

2 months ago

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