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my evening with RWB

Spent last evening at #RunwayBandits’ physical store at Plaza Sing 🙌🏻 because Swee asked me to come over to check out the new arrivals’

I actually spent a brief part of my afternoon there as well because my lunch kakis wanted to check the new arrivals out 😛

Check @karenkay being super serious even when it comes to doing something that’s supposed to be fun 😂 HAHAHA love it consistency is key

#ICYMI you can vote for your favourite colours for the item featured and you might just walk away with the eventual manufactured item in your chosen shade!!!

Shiok right! I voted too 😂🤞🏻

I’ve been eyeing this cute frilly top ever since I saw it in their preview (it just launched online last night btw!)

This is cream and I’m wearing size! It fits well across the chest with a little allowance. I’m surprised tho cause I’m a usual 16” across and this top is 15.75” (as shown online).

So maybe you can take note of this if you’re confused about which size to take!!

Paired it with the Tansy Skirt which is cute (just look at the front pockets!) but sadly not ideal for my wide hips :(

Close up so you can have a better look at the pin stripes on the top! It’s fully lined and is really soft so you’ll want to wear it over and over again heh

This top doesn’t have any side zips so be prepared to slip it over your head 🙌🏻

Next is a dress which Swee said is a popular piece and I can see why!! Super flattering with the sash...

And even without!

The round head buttons are all functional but you don’t have to worry about accidental exposure when you sit because there should be enough allowance! It’s supposed to be a more relaxed silhouette anyway hehe

Comes with pockets and slits so you don’t have to worry about your movements being restricted.

It’s fully lined as well, but it’s the smooth kind of lining that creates a lot of static on my skin (dry skin woes) so I just couldn’t get it :-( very sad!!

Wew I liked this combination more than I thought I would!!

Skirt is kinda blending into the curtain behind 😂 but that’s ok! Still looks good right?

It’s a pop of yellow that’s extremely flattering especially for girls with a slightly cooler skin undertone like moi 💁🏻‍♀️

Yes this skirt is exactly like the khaki one above (cute front pockets!), if you were wondering!

Close up of the gingham/checked top!

I like how it’s a little different because of the placement of the prints along the hemline. Changes the top up a little!

Got this because I definitely can see myself pairing it with all kinds of bottoms. Jeans, shorts, skirts... it’ll look bomb 😍

I could fit S but it was eating a little into my pits hahaha so I decided to take M instead. Looser fit but still looks gr888

The same cute top with the frills, but in blue this time!

Paired it with comfy Giko pants this time (Swee recommended) and omg I fell in love with the pants 😍 couldn’t believe I passed on it the first time round 🙊

It fits very well and the material is really 💯 soft! Flares out a little towards the bottom so it gives the illusion of a smaller waist.

It’s currently OOS (I got the last display piece LOL) but they might restock the Sand colour!

Blue is more casual and just perfect for a sunny weekend! ☀️

Newly launched Jorry Dungarees in Maroon, paired with the gingham crop top you guys saw above!!

Goes well together too right. See I knew this top would have a lot of mileage he he he 😛

Love the cute front pockets for this dungarees and it fits so nicely too. Could’ve sized down too I think! This was M.

Flattering flare cut towards the bottom, which again, gives the wonderful illusion of a slimmer waist yay!

Comes in Navy and Grey Lilac too which are both beautiful colours - such a dilemma!

Ok last one!

This is the Nobu Top from their Handsome by RWB series. I love this line btw!! I realise most of the items I own are from this line. It’s just very me! 😍

Couldn’t resist this vibrant rust shade because it’s true, it just looks good on Asian skin! Like how Navy is also a very flattering shade for anyone 😍

Anyway back to the top and its details, if asymmetrical details are your thing then you need to get this.

I always thought everyone would like it but apparently my colleague hates it hahaha I can’t even?! It’s so pretty la 😍

With the square neckline, it’s very suitable for work (if you can do smart casual or just casual) too! Plus I don’t know what they did with this material but it’s damn soft???

You can tell by the way it flows right? 👍🏻💯 love this!!

Guess how many items I went home with? 🙊

One small bag because Swee gave me a birthday present?! First time we are meeting and she already gives me two gifts (clothes and this!!). Spoil market hahaha

Thanks so much for having me over, Swee!!

It all started with me just wanting to purchase the Brio culottes (another must buy, btw! Damn comfy) from the store which lead to a store visit and a meet up with her.

We chatted till most of the stores around were closing for the day haha felt so nice :’)

So thankful for all these opportunities that come my way, and for all these lovely people who I’ve become acquainted with thanks to social media.

It’s truly amazing!

Day 297

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018

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roadmap (avatar)

roadmap @gilliansng hi there may I know where your jeans from?

2 months ago

charlottewangwang (avatar)

charlottewangwang I got the same Nobu top!!! Hehehe

2 months ago

juannahope (avatar)

juannahope can i get ur advice, what kind of undergarment wld you wear to go with all these strappy tops?

2 months ago

Happychooo (avatar)

Happychooo hello! where did you get your shoes from! and what’s the exact name hehe :)

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @roadmap It’s from Fashmob :)

@charlottewangwang Wewww we both have good taste 💯😛

@juannahope Just a good ol strapless would be fine! :)

@Happychooo It’s from Bensimon :) should be easy to find!

2 months ago

prisbunnyy (avatar)

prisbunnyy What’s the black dress called? Can’t find it on the web :(

2 months ago

WWANJINN (avatar)

WWANJINN Hello! May I know where your shoes from ? 😳

2 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @prisbunnyy Naeste Shirtdress :) it’s a little towards the end!

@WWANJINN Bensimon :)

2 months ago

prisbunnyy (avatar)

prisbunnyy thank u!!!

2 months ago

WWANJINN (avatar)


2 months ago

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