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updated 1 year ago

Spent a little too long a time trying to mix the perfect shade of pink yesterday afternoon.

It's weird how I have cleared my desk but I still don't have space to do things like these there 😂 I was crouched on the floor, mixing away, for a good half an hour.

Dear lord, I am too old for this hahaha

This wasn't what I was planning on painting but it just came out anyway.

Turned out pretty nicely for a random scribble. Even senpai @tofulove sang praises of it! 😍

I tried to recreate it more ~carefully~ after this, but it just got weirder. I couldn't get my "s" and "r" right anymore 😅

The problem with shooting food is having to resist eating them before you are done HAHA it took ALL of my self control to make it through.


Can you guess what review + giveaway is coming your way soon? 😛

Golden hour 🌞

The weather was perfect for shooting yesterday. Not so much today, since it's storming already lol

The skies are on fire 🔥

Day 30

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018

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nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars Love that pink and the calligraphy! So blushing pretty!

1 year ago

charmmy3030 (avatar)

charmmy3030 Perfect shade of pink!! So pretty! 😍

1 year ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll Mysisterbakes!! 😋

1 year ago

itshazelnut (avatar)

itshazelnut MSB!! I recognize the garlic cookies 😛

1 year ago

solvilsola (avatar)

solvilsola MSB😍

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @nite_stars Hehe thank you!! Pink is just such an alluring colour 🌸

@charmmy3030 💗 I think so too!!

@mellllllllll @itshazelnut @solvilsola So smart!!! 😋 Giveaway coming soon my friends! 💘

1 year ago

Dreamylights (avatar)

Dreamylights @gilliansng Hi! May I know which flavours would you recommend? :)

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @Dreamylights Hello!! I really like the dark choc orange and salted egg ones so far! The stronger flavours 😋

1 year ago

themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker love the scribbles! 😍👍🏼

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @themerrymaker 💕💕 thank you!!

1 year ago

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