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Pulled open this Fashmob parcel a few weeks ago, with so much excitement simply because it has everything that I love!!

Graphics tees, and denim 😍

Looking and feeling comfortable is the style I always go for and these two items just cut it for me.

Who is looking forward to the launch of these items?? πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

Taking it back a few weeks when my relatives came over from the states and we visited the Arts Science Museum.

My first time there actually!

This was taken at the Marvel exhibition, which I thought was a real waste of money actually πŸ˜‚

PSA: Sign up for the Sands Rewards Lifestyle card (free) to get 1-for-1 on tickets!!

Unfortunately we didn’t do that for this Marvel Exhibition so... 🌚

The Future World Exhibition on the other hand was real awesome, right from the very start.

I mean, look at this! It was amazing.

Wave upon wave 🌊

The roles have reversed, the parents are the ones happily drawing away now instead of the kiddos haha

You can scan your drawing after you’re done, and it’ll appear on the giant screen behind! Very, very cool and cute!

It’s amazing what different colours and a little bit of light can do.

Art is amazing :)

Expensive ippudo ramen for lunch 😭🍜 thankfully the food and service were both great so I guess that made us feel a little better about the amount of money we spent hahaha

I’m not sure when we will be able to take another selfie like this again, so just take only πŸ˜‚

BBQ time over at my cousins’ place!

Got lucky and saw the flag being brought to the stadium for NDP preview.

So beautiful 😍

Busy busy at work.

2 people actually doing the work, everyone else are just spectators πŸ˜‚

Look at those glorious pork chops.

I thought X was kidding when he said he would do this special marinate for pork chops, so I didn’t tell my family and they were all so shocked when he came with a heavy packet of it πŸ˜‚

IT WAS SO GOOD. Devoured every piece of it man.

I underestimated him hahaha oops πŸ™ˆ

Indeed he is a #moksterchef lol

Reminiscing this hearty big bowl of MLXG from my fav mlxg stall ever. Still can’t find another place that wins this in terms or taste and price!

Updates are all in a mess because I’m just uploading whatever I find in my album haha

Bearded Bella for a rare weekday brunch with @abcdefaith the other day!

I rarely brunch these days, so when I looked at the menu, the prices really shocked me because they are so ex??

Cafe food prices are really going up and up 😭

I guess this is what we are paying for too — the atmosphere and photo worthy surroundings

It helps that the food is pretty good too. Thankfully!

I had the spiced scrambled and it tasted great even tho it was a little on the oily side. Faith’s avo was mixed with pomegranate and it went surprisingly well - very refreshing!

This qtpie had her own hard boiled egg with her, so she just added it to her meal. Great idea! Hahaha don’t have to pay extra just to have them do it for you πŸ˜‚

Always a great time bb! Thanks for helping me with my pix ♥️

Weather was crappy but I still wanted to take pics haahha problematic is my middle name

Didn’t get my β˜•οΈ fix over at BB partly because they didn’t offer Mocha (🌝) and because I wanted my 6oz espresso bar mocha!!


Unbeatable mocha for a reasonable price. This place is truly a gem!

While faith when to get her hair cut over at Black Hair Salon (yay), I went to town to try on some stuff!

You can tell this was a little while back seeing that this jumpsuit has already been launched hahaha

I did an IG poll and some people said yes while others said no to this piece. In the end I decided not to be hasty since I’m not sure how much wears I’ll get out of it too.

Pats self on the back!

When at Orchard Gateway, check out both TTR and HH. Same place, so why not right??

Sheila asked if I wanted this piece, and I was gonna say no at first because I was afraid the little floral details would somewhat make me look old but hey, turned out to be pretty cute!

Instant yes from me.

And I tried on this piece too, don’t think it’s launched online yet but it was a fun piece!

The irregular dots is a unique pattern that I definitely like but I wasn’t sure if I needed yet another similar cut in my wardrobe so I didn’t it.

Day 192

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018

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myskin (avatar)

myskin Where is this MLXG place!!

7 months ago

desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp When is the tshirt launching !!!

7 months ago

GuY_A (avatar)

GuY_A The future world exhibit looks stunning.

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @myskin ζ—₯ζ—₯ηΊ’ at people’s park complex food centre! Go to the one right within the place. They have quite a few stalls in the same place πŸ˜…

@desireelyp THIS SUNDAY!

@GuY_A It is! Worth every penny πŸ™ŒπŸ»

7 months ago

Joeyyyyx (avatar)

Joeyyyyx Hi Gillian, mind sharing what’s your hair type and what shampoo & conditioner you using?

7 months ago

dnzdenise (avatar)

dnzdenise u shld try MLXG stall in BigBox! it's really the best (and the spiciest hehe)

7 months ago

chiptease (avatar)

chiptease The good vibes only tee is so cute!!!! 😍😍😍

7 months ago

nicestdamnthing (avatar)

nicestdamnthing Hello! What size do u wear for the TTR jumpsuit? :)

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @Joeyyyyx Hello Joey! I have a really oily scalp so I tend to go for those that claim to refresh and clean the scalp πŸ˜‚ I haven’t found my HG one yet but Goldwell’s Scalp Specialist Shampoo is proving effective for now!

@dnzdenise Big box is too far for me 😭 enjoy it on my behalf pls!

@chiptease It is!! Love the red ♥️

@nicestdamnthing Helloooo I took Size M!

7 months ago

cindygindara (avatar)

cindygindara Hello! May I know where did you get your slingback sandal from?

7 months ago

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