Gillian (avatar)
updated 2 years ago

Guess what I have on my bag? 😬

Curry puff and Huat Kueh plush keychains! 😋

Don't they look cute and delicious? Hehe it's from Nom Nom Plush, stocked at Naiise!

I wish this was the sardine one, but let's not be picky here hahaha

Thank you @sarahfam for these cuties and letting me snag two (like @yeomabel @yespleaseashley and @thejadeflower hehehe) 😘

Rainbow 🌈 spotted by Sarah as she was doing her work!

Little things that put a smile on your face easily 😌


See you tomorrow, Mr Sun.

Dinner time at Shang Pin Hotpot with the gang! 🙌🏻

We couldn't help but order everything first hahaha looks so good - WE ARE HUNGRY!


Look at that steaming goodness hehe can't wait to dig in!

Day 356

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016

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WowoMoxi (avatar)

WowoMoxi Hi! How much does this cost?:)

2 years ago

charlenetan (avatar)

charlenetan Omg I want all these super cute!

2 years ago

imalittleteapot (avatar)

imalittleteapot Omg the cake one looks so adorable!!

2 years ago

andreas (avatar)

andreas omg want want!!

2 years ago

alilcranky (avatar)

alilcranky Use a red marker and dot the curry puff yourself!!! 😂

2 years ago

tofulove (avatar)

tofulove Why steamboat also looks so good~~

2 years ago

sarahfam (avatar)

sarahfam Glad you enjoyed my homemade kuehs hehe 😋😛

2 years ago

elybelly (avatar)

elybelly Omg the curry puff 😍

2 years ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @WowoMoxi Haha I'm not sure! They were gifts :) you should be able to check online at!

@charlenetan Hehe right! Local favourites 😋

@imalittleteapot I was a little late to get the pink one 😭 but yes, it's so cute and squishy hehe

@andreas Buy you the real one hahahaha

@alilcranky HAHAHA omg idea!

@tofulove 😂 must be because of the rainy weather these days - it calls for steamboat!!

@sarahfam You are a kueh guru 👌🏻

@flynnister the cutest curry puff around!!

2 years ago

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