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PSA for fellow non-beef eaters:

IKEA now offers chicken meatballs on their menu! đŸ˜Ŧ

My first time having their meatballs and my verdict is... it’s extremely salty đŸ˜ĩ

I think the standard of ikea’s food isn’t consistent at all.

The salmon was really fishy and the chicken wings weren’t very tasty???


Busy busy 🐝

He complains about work, but I know he’s still very happy where he is. I hope to find a job that I’ll work hard for and be happy with too!

A lazy person’s way of carrying a seat cushion around.

I was unknowingly blocking people’s way with it sticking out, that one woman angrily said “excuse me” and pushed me aside hahaha oops

Running out of ikea because we really took our time to look at everything, and it was gonna close in 15 mins hahaa

Inserting a random throwback to my 菜éĨ­ date with @elainesin just before we went to meet the rest of the gang to visit TPJC one last time!

I must say that these dishes are really still one of the best I’ve had from a 菜éĨ­ stall. No wonder my parents loved to frequent this stall since I was a kiddo!

Ah my alma mater.

2 unforgettable years spent here with you. How I wish I could undo my choice to go through with A levels though hahahaa

We came back specially for their final family carnival. It’s sad how this is the last year that TPJC will be up and running ;(

I’m wondering tho, was this family carnival thing something new? Cause I really don’t recall having one during my time.

Then again, my time was 10 years ago man.

Gulps 😟

Can you tell who he was mimicking?? 😂

My most hated chemistry teacher, of course! He may have the longest experience in the industry, but it definitely doesn’t make him the best.

His idea of helping students is using negative reinforcement which just doesn’t work, at least not for me. In any case, it only made me hate his lessons and the subject even more 😟

Meh. I definitely don’t miss that part of JC life!

Moving on!!

My cute friends for a decade now 😌

The place we were most excited for.... the cafe 😂

It’s what ties all four of us together - FOOD. If the bbt shop opposite TPJC was still open, that’s where you’ll find us too.

We ate baked potato from this cafe, and drank bbt + ate their instant noodles set at least once weekly 😱

That, my friends, is how I gained 8 kgs in just 2 years.

I entered TPJC weighing 44kg, and left weighing 52kg hahahahaaha it was horrendous. It only hit me when I had to buy UK10 sized shorts 😂 #sendhelppls

The view I’ll miss most.

The cafe was still under construction when we first entered and was only opened mid way through the year?

It was the “nicer” place to hang out at compared to the stuffy canteen and crowded extension area.

We used to while our time away here between lessons, and while waiting for assembly time. Such good times though it could’ve been better without having to go for lessons or exams 🤗 hahahaha

Baked potatoes with chicken, and ice lemon tea!!! After so many years, our tastes still haven’t changed 😂

Got my cute friends to pose like this because.........

That’s exactly how they posed like 10 years ago HAHAHAHA


I quickly dug out all the old photos prior to our return, just to have some fun recreating it!

How did I do?? Not bad right 😂

Sat there talking, reminiscing on the old days and slowly moved towards talking about engagements, wedding and houses.


It’s like we fast forwarded time.

Ten years. I still can’t believe it!

Thank you pals for always sticking around and for taking time to meet up through these years!


Back at the cafe after WJ left because.... there was another dabao of the baked potato happening 😂

Everyone loves the baked potato!

Aim & Achieve hahaha always sounded a little funny to me 🙈

One last toilet selfie here in TPJC....

Because that’s how we roll.

In the past and even right now 😂 we spend most of our time talking in smelly toilets for I have no idea what reason.

We bond over food and toilet trips I suppose??? Haha ♥ī¸

We’re growing up together, and staying the same whenever we are around one another 😘 the best kind of friendships!!

Day 152

Friday, 1 Jun 2018

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andreas (avatar)

andreas Is this ikea at alexandra?

10 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @andreas Tampines!

10 months ago

heyhappypuff (avatar)

heyhappypuff Try their baked goods! At their super-mart place near the ice cream / hotdog area â˜ēī¸

10 months ago

KeShaoEn (avatar)

KeShaoEn Hi!! I'm from TPJC too 👋đŸģ you're from the 08 batch? I'm from the 10 batch 😁 I think this family carnival is specially arranged due to the school's closing 😞

10 months ago

ashleyongyw (avatar)

ashleyongyw Hi I am from TPJC too 👋

10 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @heyhappypuff Oooh what kind of baked goods? 😮

@keshaoen HELLO!! I’m from the 07 batch actually haha ah okay that makes sense. I don’t ever rmb having a carnival before. Maybe only a sports day?? Hahaha

@ashleyongyw Niceeee! Hello fellow alumni! 🙌đŸģ

10 months ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz Omg that’s weyjiang right! Small world leh, he was my OGL in uni hahahaha

10 months ago

heyhappypuff (avatar)

heyhappypuff Croissants, cinnamon rolls and muffins! The hazelnut aka nutella muffin is really good!

10 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @hoppypoppyz HAHAA YA! Omg really small world.

@heyhappypuff Oooo okay I’ll give it a go the next time I swing by :) always get tempted by the hotdog buns instead tho haha

10 months ago

cheerytom (avatar)

cheerytom Is that Elaine? â˜ēī¸

10 months ago

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