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Almost forgot about these delicious MOP donuts that my parents hand carried back from Perth 😍😛

So good! My sis and I immediately shared the Golden Gaytime donut and there was just no words... we just nodded in unison at its deliciousness 🤤

Momma was right, it goooood 🙌🏻

Popped by @hollyhoque on Friday to collect my order and try out the newly stocked items like this dress I saw on Sheila! 😍

I bought this exact dress but in black (that was what I was collecting haha!) and I still couldn’t resist trying this new one.

Loving the plaid fabric and the cut of this dress. It’s the Windser dress btw, if you want to get it too 😬

A very flattering drop-waist design with a racer front neckline. Concealed back zip behind makes it really easy to slip on 🙌🏻

I’m usually one to hope for pockets in a dress, but I’m happy this one doesn’t have them because it’ll usually add to how wide my hips will look.

Bagged this home in a heartbeat 😛

I’ve been wanting to try this piece for a while now, but I never seem to have luck with the changing room (the queues are always never ending! 😅) so I had to try it this time cause I was early!

I decided to go for this sand colour since it’s something different!

It looked better than I expected! I really didn’t think I could pull this colour off at all 😅

Perhaps I am just a step closer to aging gracefully? Haha embracing all these more “mature” colours now 😬

The band at the waist is rather thick and I was worried my upper torso would be too short to accommodate this design, but it was also another pleasant surprise!

It looked good 😄 and helped create the illusion of a longer upper torso for me. Amazeballs man.

That’s when I knew, you (the dress) were the one 😘 hehe

And just for the fun of it, I decided to try my fav Joy babydoll top in one of the newest colours - green! 💚

It’s really damn nice la 😭

I have it in white and wine already... but this seriously made me consider if I needed a third colour in my wardrobe 🙈

If you still don’t have this top in your wardrobe... what are you waiting for!!

It goes well with anything, I swear. I have to stop myself from wearing it out so often in fear that people would think that I have nothing else to wear 😅😂

And if you’re already a fan of this design like me... stay tuned for the dress version coming real soon 😉


I won tickets to Hera Singapore’s opening party at Takashimaya Dept Store last Friday and of course I had to bring my Sister with me.

She’s the one who first introduced me to this brand anyway 😛 (and she’s the one who forced me into skincare too haahaha)

We were very late because she had to OT, so we missed the makeup demo, but we did make it to try out the products 😛

I’m crushing on this Edith Carron collaboration — her illustrations are just so whimsical and fun!

I didn’t even know they came up with this Rosy Satin Cream 😍 If you know me well, you’d know I hate anything rose scented but this was alright.

Smells just like hazeline snow which I grew up using, so I didn’t automatically hate this 😂

They included a small tub of this cream in our beauty bag and I can’t wait to give it a go!

Btw, they are so insanely generous with their beauty bag that they make brands like nars look so stingy 😂 the Hera products are like travel sized ok! Not sample sized!

What I really came here for!

The highly coveted and raved Black Cushion. I missed out on it while I was in Seoul last year, didn’t get to go to their flagship store at Apgujeong :(

The coverage is really good & I really appreciate the semi-matte finish. Definitely suitable for Singapore’s crazy humidity!

Didn’t buy it here though cause it’s really quite expensive compared to the prices in Seoul itself 😅

It’s almost becoming a ritual now. To have Genki whenever we are at Taka or around Taka 😝

So, so good.

Worth the snaking queue!

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Monday, 14 May 2018

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ellenxxxo (avatar)

ellenxxxo The sand colored dress looks so apt for you!!!! With your hair length, you look like some Korean/jap lady 😍

8 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @ellenxxxo Haha I’m so glad you didn’t say korean ajumma or something 😂 thank you!! Gives me a boost of confidence in pulling this dress off haha

8 months ago

evanjio (avatar)

evanjio hey Gillian! you look great in the sand coloured midi dress! 😻 is it an upcoming piece from HH? Cause I can't seem to find it on their website/ig :(

8 months ago

summercascade (avatar)

summercascade The sand coloured HH piece suits you really well! May I know if it’s the Valerina midi dress in malt colour? :)

8 months ago

thegalwholovesclouds (avatar)

thegalwholovesclouds you look gorgeous in the sand colour dress 😍😍

8 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @evanjio @summercascade thanks girls! I think it’ll only be available online in a week or two. But you can find it in stores in the meantime :) I just checked the tag, it’s noted as brown 😬

@thegalwholovesclouds 😘😘 thank you!!

8 months ago

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