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updated 5 months ago

Looking through the BASIS shoot photos makes me realise why I can never do this “modelling” gig seriously. I just look immensely pissed off whenever I don’t smile hahahaha and all I did was look elsewhere and space out just for a bit 🤦🏻‍♀️

On a random side note, I think I may need a cap in that sand shade in my life. IT IS SO NICEEEEE!

Living for the weekends 😋

Back to our fav cheap YTF whenever we are in the vicinity of MacPherson!

Laksa, noodles and loads of ingredients in each bowl for a total of $7. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Only trouble is that the laksa may be a little watered down sometimes :/ it’s cheap and still acceptable to me so I don’t mind!!

I love you.

Wearing RWB’s ximee top again because I just love the cut! Very flattering and goes well with any high waist bottom!

I just wish I didn’t have to slip it over my head to get into it. It’s quite a challenge to do so especially after I’ve done my makeup 😅 but then again a side zip might feel a little annoying too. Uh so hard to please! Hahaha

again for dinner!

Haha x is hooked on having steamboat and at least we didn’t break the bank this time by having it at HDL. We had it at home!

Had the cookie butter and lemon tarts that I collected from #mysisterbakes for dessert!!

I missed the last call for orders 😑🤦🏻‍♀️ because I was thinking about how I was gonna collect it but thankfully @thankgodforpink could accommodate a little more so I managed to get my tarts 😭

So grateful!

Thanks so much Esther for the yummy tarts!!! I really love them so much, esp the cookie butter one! 🤤

Saw this on sgag last night and knew that that was the story of my life hahahaha #steamboatoverload

Received these beautiful clip-on earrings from #mixofwhite a while back but only just found the time to snap photos of it!!

Been wearing it out with some of my outfits but I’m always so unlucky cause it’s either overcast or storming when I try to get a pic 😿

So anyway!!

These earrings are handmade & they come in the normal earrings style (hook, stud and what have you - I just realised i dont know earrings terminology lol). My clip ons were made specially for me, since I don’t have piercings!

#mixofwhite carries a range of polymer clay earrings which are all handmade so you can be sure that no two designs are the same!! 😺

I usually get my clip-on earrings from Taobao simply because it’s just easier to find clip-on options there but I can never find very unique ones like this!

It’s usually only the standard hoops, beads or dangly ones, which I like too, but I do want some statement pieces as well 😻

For those who lack ear piercings too, you’d be happy to know that they offer the option to change the usual hooks to clip-on ones too ;)

Best part of all is that the polymer clay designs are not only unique but super lightweight too so it doesn’t stress your earlobes too much!

And that’s definitely something I look for when it comes to earrings, apart from their design!

The second design I chose is this really cute hoops one that features a marble polymer clay ball in the design!

I think I’ve fallen for the current trend of having different styles on each side because...

It’s really such a fun touch to accessories!

And it’s almost like having two different designs for the price of one 😂

I prefer my right profile more so I can alternate the earrings design on my right earlobe so it always looks like I wore a different set altogether! Hahaha #ingenius

And again, it’s very light and since the colour is rather neutral, it pairs well even with bright coloured outfits like the one I’m wearing! 😻

Day 308

Sunday, 4 Nov 2018

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themerrymaker (avatar)

themerrymaker Hahaha not pissed la! it's your cool kid face ok. nice leh. and @shuls bought that cap from stylenanda! heh

5 months ago

ekyle (avatar)

ekyle I'm the opposite of you, I can't not smile I look damn weird hahaha

5 months ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen So pretty!!!! Skin so nice 😍

5 months ago

plantgoodthoughts (avatar)

plantgoodthoughts Hi Gillian, what camera do you use for your pictures? They always look so good!

5 months ago

awriann (avatar)

awriann I think you look great actually haha

5 months ago

jojobeans (avatar)

jojobeans off to get me some clip-on earrings!! I've got 6 piercings but they've all closed and ive lost the guts to go pierce again hehe

5 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @themerrymaker Hahaha really! I think I look positively pissed 😂 oooh ok I shall hunt for one in Korea, the land of caps hahahaa

@ekyle Haha same what! I look damn angry when I don’t smile 😅

@ehlisen Hahaha mtxx leh 😭

@Baysilcraysil Hello! Heh thanks! I used my iPhone and a Sony A7II to capture the shots :)

@shuls Right! I feel like collect a lot of caps but never really wear them out actually 🙈 haha oops ok maybe I’m just over thinking!

@awriann Haha thanks for reassurance! Not smiling is definitely easier and creates less wrinkles 😂

@jojobeans Omo 6 piercings!!! That’s damn brave to me hahaha but yes, clip-ons are safer 🙈

@shanselling Hello!! It’s upcoming this weekend on Fashmob ;)

5 months ago

ekyle (avatar)

ekyle I don't look angry! I look damn confused HAHAHA

5 months ago

ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen HAHAHA aiyo the heart also pretty lah 😘😘

5 months ago

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