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Recounting my weekday JB day trip with the girls, just before it was Hari Raya... we thought we were being smart by going to JB before the holiday, but we forgot that it was the June holidays already 🀦🏻‍♀️


Finally made it over after what felt like forever, and char’s first stop was this kueh kueh stand in City Sq mall πŸ˜‚

Specifically for the ondeh ondeh somemore haha

I love ondeh ondeh la but this one has too thick a skin for my liking ☹️ cheap tho!

Sorry my friends char and Amanda, I’ve to cut both your faces off because I’m too lazy to Squaready the pic hahaha 😜

Waiting for our grab to come and take us to KSL for lunch whoop

No prizes for guessing that we ended up having bkt over at ι‘Ίι‘Ίε…΄ which is opp KSL.

We were so lucky to have arrived JUST BEFORE the crazy crowd came and a long queue formed outside phew

Ordered a feast and added almost everything that was available, into the soup πŸ˜‚

It was overflowing with goodness. So glad we didn’t ask them for a 4 people portion - we would have never finished it!

Jiak jiak jiak!

As usual, can’t miss the ιΊ»ζ²ΉιΈ‘ but you might want to skip this if you’re not in a group. Might not be able to finish it all πŸ˜‚

Roamed KSL for a bit before grabbing down to the cafes area near CS!

Happily popped by Hiap Joo for their famous banana cake and it was empty! Lucky us, we brought the crowd as usual and a line started to form only after we bought our cakes! Hehe


My first time trying and boyyyy was it good. So moist and fluffy... I only regret not eating more before it went bad ☹️😒

This place is still in the CNY mood ah? Hahaha

First cafe stop;

Bev C, as highly recommended by @ccharrmaine!

Multi-label clothing shop on the first level

And a homely rustic vibes cafe on the second level 🌱

I loved everything about this space - even their menu was so cute!

Wish you were here, truly

Plants everywhere
Shadows cast everywhere

Guys the coffee here is ok!!!

I had their ice cube espresso, chocolate and milk combo and it was P E R F E C T 😍

Just the right amount of sweetness from the chocolate, balanced by the clean taste of the milk and the much needed caffeine boost from the espresso.

I think it wasn’t very cheap (17rm) but it was very worth it!!

Get their pies too! Very windowsill pies like. Taste uncannily similar tbh 🀨

@rebekatee truly looking like she lives here πŸ˜‚

Curling her bangs on the go βœ”οΈ

While I pretended to read a really dusty book with a serious look hahahaa

Quick tip: an open book acts as a natural reflector and brightens your face instantly hahaha

I only found out after I reviewed the pics

But if you choose a book with black pages then don’t expect the same results la hor pls hahahaa

Tbh it was quite dusty everywhere but I didn’t break out in hives so I guess it’s still ok? Haha adds to the aesthetics of the place

There was actually a cat sleeping on the roof of the shophouse beside the cafe so I kept seeing a moving silhouette while I sat there sipping my drink.

Initially I thought it was a pigeon (didn’t see its head) but was pleasantly surprised when I saw its pointy ears hehe so cute

There was another exploring kitty on the other side. Felt a little excited but sad that they had to live in such conditions πŸ˜•

Bye bye Bev C!

You were such a lovely place to hangout at that we spent more time there than we wanted to πŸ˜‚

Cafe hopping dreams dashed, mainly because it was so hot and humid out

On to the spot we go!

In case you needed a reminder 😬

We had no stomach space for anymore food actually but we couldn’t resist just taking photos outside the cafes that had cute stuff like this swing outside the ice cream project cafe!

Spot the little kitten at the far left - it’s a polydactyl cat (6 toes)! Super cuteeeeee and manja aww

Look at that beautiful fern and monstera!! Just chillin there by the roadside.

Should have dabao home πŸ˜‚ just kidding

Flowers in the Window cafe wasn’t open so we went to The Replacement (ironically LOL) not for food or drinks....

But just for photos πŸ˜‚

Photos are free right hahaha

Laughing cause we are a cheapo 😬 and we know it

Last stop, Shakespeare Milkshakes which looked like a great idea but didn’t smell like a good idea when we went in.

The waffles smell was so overpowering and you’ll definitely smell like it after you leave the place 😭

0 ventilation man

Tbh, we came here for the aircon πŸ˜‚

The aircon is πŸ’―, drinks is so-so and ventilation is -100 hahaha so harsh

Admiring the colourful buildings on our walk back to City Sq mall!

Couldn’t really decide what to have for dinner, so we eventually settled for this wanton mee place at the highest level of the mall.

Felt somewhat like Pontian but maybe of a slightly better quality?? The customisation and choices is real man. You have to order via a site (QR code) and I was so overwhelmed by the choices that it took a while to place the order hahaha

I had the prawn dumplings and it was GOODDDD. Juicy prawns in a hearty soup - perfect way to end our JB adventure!

Day 178

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018

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shanztan (avatar)

shanztan babe you should go and try this place Lavender cafe!!! its quite near KSL if i am not wrong. Cafe on 2nd floor and 1st floor is their bakery! Their food is damn good and its super affordable!!!!! Along those streeets there are other cafes that you can explore too!

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @shanztan I think I saw it!!! But didn’t go in hahaa ok maybe next time I’ll try! Any recommended options? I’ll def go back to try more cafes next time hehe

7 months ago

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