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updated 9 months ago

Instant kampua noodles with char siew today!!

You gotta get the char siew on your own and add it to the instant pack of kampua noodles, of course 😅

The char siew definitely helps break the eggy taste of the noodles! I didn't have the meat when I tried the dark sauce version of this noodles and boy was my meal sad 🌚

I added minced meat in but it just didn't taste as good as char siew did with it.

@xjaelyang passed me my goodies from Seoul yesterday hehehe so happy!

Half of it is what I asked her to help me get, another half is what she got for me 😍 so many ginger kitties, I'm in love!

So easy to look for a gift for me - anything that looks like Toby, I'll love 💕

Thank youuuuu Jael 😘

Went to TCL yesterday because I wanted to try this pretty botanical dress out!! 🌺🌿

Sleeves are a little too long for me though and I'm in between sizes so I decided not to get it 😞

This looked better!!

I really like the flounce and tiered layers too 〰 but i dont know leh seems too young on me? Hahaha seriously think something is wrong with my brain 🌚

Looked so nice on Bert but I just look... nope 😑 horrible hahaha PASS

I interrupt the flow of my post to present a pic of the delicious mee jiang kueh I had for tea 🤤 shiokkkkk

This is why I'm growing side ways. Note to self.

Maybe I can note that down in my NEW 2018 planner that arrived today hohoho

Time to carpe diem the crap out of every day... #wishfulthinking

Popped by Hollyhoque too because of this resort set! Saw it on Sher and knew I had to try it too 😍

Navy was obviously OOS in store so I tried red instead.

So flattering!! The babydoll cut of the top never gets old 😌

Comes with a zip at the back for the top, and a side zip for the pants! The material is a little stiff which I appreciate because it maintains the flare quite nicely.

I never thought I would look good when pairing a flare cut for the top and for the bottom.

Too much flare?


Launched online today, in case you were wondering! The S sizes got sold out real quick 😮

I'm all about the CNY colours rn, can you tell? 😜

This tiered top is really great and versatile - I like how it looks when tucked into a HW pair of shorts too.

If your upper torso is short like mine, you could even make this into a faux crop top by tucking the last two tiers into your shorts!

I can totally imagine that looking really niceee 😍

Didn't have a chance to try more so maybe I'll head back again next week when more new stuff come rolling in hiak hiak


It only just occurred to me that it may be called 4 fingers because you use 4 fingers to eat the chicken!!? Thumb and index finger from each hand....

Wow mind blown.

I like how they gave me a 10% off my next order if I eat within the next 3 days.... the likelihood of that happening is like the discount. A 10% chance 🙃

Day 11

Thursday, 11 Jan 2018

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xjaelyang (avatar)

xjaelyang Your char siew from your Xavier ah. He made roast pork or something that time right hahagag

9 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @xjaelyang pigu only Xavier got char siew ah 😂😂😂 buy from dunno where one la!

9 months ago

andpleasedontcry (avatar)

andpleasedontcry Kampua sounds so vulgar hahaha! 🤣

9 months ago

hhyyy (avatar)

hhyyy hahaha ^ yah i agree

9 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @andpleasedontcry @hhyyy Hahaha you guys made me doubt myself for a min 😂

9 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Exactly the instant kampua mee totally lacks char siew but it so defeats the purpose of instant.

9 months ago

geeeeeeee (avatar)

geeeeeeee Your pictures gave me major charsiew cravings!! Which I can’t get here :(

9 months ago

Remember520 (avatar)

Remember520 i loveee the right side gifts hahahaha

9 months ago

strxalight (avatar)

strxalight Save for better buys! E dress look too much on u imo! Love the cute hp cases! (:

9 months ago

braintango (avatar)

braintango The flare on flare is SOOOOOoooOoOOO flarebulous! 😍😍😍

9 months ago

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