Gillian (avatar)
updated 8 months ago

This heat, really never give chance at all

It’s even warm and humid after the sun has set 😢

Well, at least this means our laundry will be 100000% dried 🤷🏻‍♀️ the cold period in Singapore was awesome, but my clothes always felt like it didn’t dry completely lol

99 problems guys, 99 problems.

I’m not sure if I shared about this before, but I bought clinique’s lipstick in blushing nude during Lazada’s birthday sale, just to get the gift set 😂😂😂

It comes with products from their moisture surge range which I’ve been wanting to give a go, so I thought a sample size would be a good idea to start.

Big mistake because the cream is way too rich for my skin (plus it has a scent which smells quite artificial) so I broke out in pimples all over my forehead, cheeks and under my Chin.

Took me about 1.5 weeks of dedicated care to get it to how it looks now 😪 the regret is real man. Should have patch tested it but I was too swayed by all the reviews that shared good things about it. Meh!

Anyway, tea tree oil, and cosrx pimple patches are what helped my pimples the most! Swear by this combi 🙌🏻

Now to spam the vita c booster to get rid of all the horrible scars 🙈 I truly never realised how lucky I am to have relatively calm skin until stuff like this happens.

Day 128

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

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Remember520 (avatar)

Remember520 i love your hdb pic !!

8 months ago

emmyloumarie (avatar)

emmyloumarie lol that was the exact thing I said today,this weather's only good for one thing: laundry.

8 months ago

thyloveinfrance (avatar)

thyloveinfrance omg the cream is my holy grail since i have super dry skin and a little goes a long way! the one you got is the intense version! theres a normal one for normal to oily skin :)

8 months ago

4ling (avatar)

4ling Love your honest reviews.❤️❤️❤️

8 months ago

stopthepretence (avatar)

stopthepretence Maybe the cream is too rich for you alr because it's the intense version as someone mentioned! Their concentrate and 72hr cream (v long name forgot what isit) works pretty well!

8 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @Remember520 Heh thank you!! I’m trying to appreciate my surroundings more 😍

@emmyloumarie Hahaha today’s weather too. Can even make your laundry crispy if you’d like 😂😂

@thyloveinfrance Ah! No wonder it seemed a little different. My skin is more towards combination so I think it really reacted badly to the overload of hydration. Thank you for enlightening me!!

@4ling 🙆🏻 Gotta spend money wisely! Haha

@stopthepretence Haha yes! I didn’t realise it was different from the newly launched 72h moisture surge cream! I may give it another try, if I get my hands on a sample. But definitely patch test first 😂

8 months ago

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