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updated 1 year ago

So much shit to do, so little time

Trying to channel my inner goddess of mercy patience because X said "meet at noon" and at 12:45pm he was still playing basketball, because noon obviously means a very different thing to him.


Imma murder him later 😡

I'll be there in 5, he said

Ok guys my fav YTF place is still open, so all is forgiven 😇

A hungry gillian is an angry gillian.

Because you made me wait, I'll post an ugly photo of you 😂😂😂😂

So cheap and so good 😋

This is the only time where I don't have to keep track of the number of ingredients I took because I know it still won't be too ex when I'm done 😅

Quick outfit change for dinner 🌿

Wearing my new #thetinselrack Ellery Trapeze Dress in white! The only solid shade it comes in. (For now. Haha somehow I think @joycesayshello just might make this in other colours in the future?? Call it a gut feeling 😂)

It's fully lined but still slightly sheer. Nude seamless undergarments should go fine with it, but somehow my nude strapless from iminxx is not nude enough for it 😅 Ok maybe it's because it's more of a beige. Just take note!

Perfect dress to binge in this coming CNY, that's for sure! It has a concealed back zip for easy wearing too.

This swing piece definitely warrants some twirls when you're in it 😍

My fav part of the dress has definitely got to be the mini fluttery details along the neckline. So cute! ✨ Plus the straps are thin so it compliments the details beautifully.

Get yours online at 8PM later!

Day 28

Sunday, 28 Jan 2018

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mytypeofrunaway (avatar)

mytypeofrunaway 😂I burst out laughing at that channeling inner goddess of mercy part. But they do have a different idea of noon as compared to us!

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @mytypeofrunaway YAAAAA why is this so ah! He said noon is 12-4:30pm. What does that even mean??? 😰

1 year ago

miffywriggles (avatar)

miffywriggles Guys have a very different mindset about time. 5mins for mine means 30mins - 1hr hahaha 😛

1 year ago

charmmy3030 (avatar)

charmmy3030 My noon is at 12pm sharp, sadly my hubs’ noon” means from 12-6pm 😂

1 year ago

Summerx (avatar)

Summerx Normally my bf waits for me 😂 cos i procrastinator.

1 year ago

aliciiaaa (avatar)

aliciiaaa Hi Babe! Can i have the address of this Ytf stall? Bcs i went there once with my driving friends but i have no idea the exact location of it😩

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @miffywriggles He's usually quite prompt though so i dont know what's going on now 😅😅

@charmmy3030 Right!! That's what noon means! 😂 everything after 12 is AFTERnoon 🤣

@Summerx Actually me too 😅 but I try to be as punctual as I can to avoid him getting 😡 hahaha the tables have turned today!

@aliciiaaa Hello!! Can can its 77 Jalan Wangi - Kim San Leng Eating House 😁 I always Google Casuarina Curry MacPherson first when I forget the exact location cause it's down the road hehe

1 year ago

jocesy (avatar)

jocesy @gilliansng I know this YTF stall, close to my client’s office! I was so surprised at the price when I first had my lunch there, $3-$4 with 8-9 pieces of ingredients omg

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @jocesy Yah! Plus they don't charge extra for laksa soup 😋 so happy!

1 year ago

angieserasee (avatar)

angieserasee Hahaha that’s the macpherson ytf right!

1 year ago

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