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Sprucing up little spots in my room with these magical Disney princess-themed prints hand painted and written by my very talented friend, @tofulove!

I’m not one to fawn over Disney princess actually, but I definitely love it when classic lines from their tales gets paired together with them. Very iconic!

I always sing it in my head when I look at the lines: 🎶 tale as old as time 🎶 song as rhyme 🎶

Another timeless line from Cinderella that I know many girls love!

My favourite Disney princess actually isn’t a princess at all, it’s Mulan! I just admire how gutsy she is and I think that it also has to do with #asianpride la hahahaha

You can get the prints exclusively at the #LetterSoiree booth, at the Boutique Fair, F1 Pit Building till 6pm today!

Sorry for the late heads up but you do still have 1.5 hours to scoot over so... HURRY 😛

Made an impromptu decision to visit the Boutique Fair on Friday with @ahmantha before dinner! 🌿

It wasn’t as packed as we thought it’ll be so it gave us ample of time and space to browse leisurely.

Loving the dose of plant-therapy around the fair!

Sitting at the “boyfriend corner” while Amantha tried a few pieces!

Gave me some time to snap photos too when the crowd dispersed for a bit.

Made it to the blue room and found #LetterSoiree’s booth easily!

#GirlBoss, Kat is hard at work with a customer 🙆🏻‍♀️✨

Went looking around and spotted the quality letterboards (I have it in Daydreamer - the square one!) in various sizes!

They have the chatterbox (biggest!), wallflower (smallest rectangular one) and the daydreamer (square) for sale.

They even sell bigger letters to change things up. Cute la!

Kat’s creativity always amazes me!

She printed the eyes and stuck it on a round lamp and instantly, it looks 100x cuter. Gosh, she really has a gift!

The cute lil triceratops you see here isn’t made by her la (😂) but it’s the cutest addition to the place right!

Definitely a good way to draw kids (and their parents) in hehehe

Fancy a unicorn ornament?

It’s all handmade! 🦄

You can get a unicorn piñata too while you’re at it hehe truly something cute for everyone!

Happy for you, @tofulove! Your dreams are slowly coming true, all thanks to your hard work :-)

Popped by the #ksisters booth that’s right around the corner from Letter Soirée!

If you don’t already follow @/ on Instagram, you’re missing out on a whole lotta cool korean products that are pretty unknown to us locals!

Like this brand - I Woke Up Like This - that was started by a korean influencer while she was pregnant. It’s a gentle skincare line that is great for sensitive skin. Oh and yes, it’s great for #dayremummies too! 🤰🏻

Jungmin sent me the rice cleansing water and foam cleanser previously and I have enjoyed using it because it cleans thoroughly without stripping too much moisture away from my skin.

My skin’s already very dehydrated so a good and gentle cleanser really helps to prevent it from getting worse!

I was so surprised when she passed me a whole set of more IWLT products to try 😭 defo not expecting it! Thanks so much Jungmin! I will use them well 🙆🏻‍♀️✨

Apart from skincare, they also distribute popular brands like Soohyang, which carry fragrances that look 💯 amazing?!

I wanted them all but my wallet said no 😫

I mean, just look at the packaging!!!

Ah, the Koreans really know how to do their visual marketing well 😍

A pic with lady boss, Jungmin!

I really admire her consistent effort in sharing her reviews about all the products she carries, on IG stories! She tests each of them on her skin and the results really speak for themselves.

Because of her reviews, I’ve joined the pre-order for both the bebetox and gongmi tea 😂 it’s not cheap at all but I really believe in the results from her and her testers!!

I hope to see the same great results for me too 🤞🏻 I’ll share more again when I try it :)

Little cutie mario gets the paperbag, as always!

He loves paper bags and will almost always hop into a new empty one when he sees it. Doesn’t he just look like a kitten here?? 😍😘

Hehe I just wanted to share this cute bow and cat tag that I bought for him from TB. He just looks a million times cuter with this dangling around his collar hahaha


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Sunday, 11 Nov 2018

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ekyle (avatar)

ekyle omg damn nice the Disney Princess one!

4 months ago

xxsammiexx (avatar)

xxsammiexx Awww Mario the cutie!

4 months ago

Finnyyy (avatar)

Finnyyy hi! may I know where's your white top from? thanks! :)

4 months ago

jenn_pj (avatar)

jenn_pj where do you buy your bensimons from?? thank you!!

4 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @ekyle Right! Something magical about it 😍✨

@xxsammiexx Hehe acting like a little kitten even though he isn’t anymore 😘

@Finnyyy It’s upcoming on Fashmob ;)

@jenn_pj My bf bought it on Qoo10 for me!

4 months ago

tinkerbelle (avatar)


4 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @tinkerbelle ♥️♥️ you’re like a rare Pokémon!! You’re back every once in a while hehe

4 months ago

tinkerbelle (avatar)

tinkerbelle I DIDNT KNOW DAYRE WAS BACK ON!!! hahahahah miss yall ❤️❤️❤️

4 months ago

tinkerbelle (avatar)

tinkerbelle i wonder who will be your 10,000th follower hahah

4 months ago

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