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Colourpop X Ofra review πŸ’‹

Sundays are review days! ✨

Well, for me, at least hehehe

I'm back with another #newtomybeautystand post (which also contributes to the #dayrebeauty archives, of course!) which covers the new Colourpop & Ofra items I've been using the past few weeks.

Tried and tested these lipsticks, highlight and blush really well, so I'm ready to give a concise and detailed review.

Let's go!

Colourpop's Super Shock Cheek Pearlized

This is a really popular highlight among the Colourpop HQ girls & worldwide! I kept hearing everyone mention it so I just had to try it myself.

It's a champagne shade with a duo chrome finish, as described on their site.

- Gives a natural pearlized glow on the apples of my cheek
- Buildable to your liking
- Blends out to a light champagne glow with no white cast or additional colour shown
- Suits fair-medium skin tone girls

- Staying power isn't really there. Its 70% gone by EOD for me.
- Though buildable, you really have to apply several layers for a more obvious highlight which is troublesome to me esp when I'm in a rush (which is always lol)

Colourpop's Super Shock Cheek
F L U S H ' D

This is from the Karrueche x Colourpop collab and it's a beautiful rusty deep peach shade as described on their site.

- Matte finish
- Very pigmented in the pot, but still buildable when applied with a blush brush for it doesn't pick up too much
- Gives a healthy orange glow, suitable for everyday wear
- Has a duochrome effect (that no one seems to talk about) which you'll see in the next pic that would go well with a highlight of the same glow

- You might hate it if you are looking for a one-shade matte blush with no duochrome effect at all.
- Staying power isn't really there too

Here you can see the duo-chrome effect for Flush'd very obviously!

It's a pretty duo-chrome peach-gold shade. It seems to be most obvious when you use your finger to swirl around in the pot, but not so much when you use a brush and apply it to your cheeks.

Lunch Money's duo-chrome isn't as obvious but it is there!

When applied in combination — Lunch Money on the apples of my cheek and Flush'd along the cheekbones.

Had to apply Lunch Money and Flush'd twice over for a more visible effect on camera. Still didn't seem to be sufficient though πŸ™Š

My camera couldn't really pick up Flush'd well, so here's a better one shot on my phone:

Can't remember how many layers I had to apply but it should be around 3-4 layers to achieve this visible highlight + blush effect πŸ™Š

Perhaps my brushes aren't doing a good job in picking up the product because it is very pigmented in the pot! Wonder what's wrong.. πŸ€”

These two make a decent highlight & blush but TBH they aren't my favourite right now.

I still find myself going back to Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance Baked Powder & IN2IT's Sentiment Blush for stronger look.

Colourpop Matte X

This is a neutral mauve pink as described on their site.

As usual, the following pictures will show my natural lip colour in the pic above followed by the shade on my lips in the pic below.

- Glides on beautifully, like how a creme lipstick would
- Dries to a comfortable, matte finish
- Minimal to zero transfer after its dry
- No tugging during application despite it being very matte
- A good #MLBB shade for me!
- Reapplication is easy and still looks good as there is no obvious contrast between the first and second layer.

None actually!
Okay la actually if I really had to nitpick, some people say it looks exactly like Lumiere so it's horrible if you bought both πŸ™Š

How it looks on me πŸ’πŸ»

I try to pair this shade with more neutral and lighter coloured clothes, as it is rather dark on me.

I don't like to look too gloomy (?) by pairing dark lip colours with dark clothes haha just isn't my style (for now lol)

Give this colour a shot! It's really pretty and all my Shopee buyers have nothing but love for this too! πŸ˜‰

Colourpop Matte X
P O P P I N '

There's no colour description for this shade on their site, so let me just do it for them.

This shade is a HOT PINK. Period. Hahaha there really isn't any other way to describe the colour.

- SUPER pigmented
- Glides on like a dream, just like Cami
- Long staying power, despite not being transfer-proof
- Dries to a comfortable full matte finish

- Transfers quite a bit even after drying
- Difficult to touch up because there is an obvious layer of difference and it doesn't gel together well
- Leaves a stain upon removal 😩
- Lots of tugging upon reapplication
- Stains the skin quite easily too, so be very careful when applying it. Correcting mistakes can be difficult.

How it looks on me πŸ’πŸ»

Colourpop's formulas have been known to be inconsistent so I'm not that surprised at the difference between Cami and Poppin'. I just wish it had more positive aspects like Cami does πŸ˜‚

I wouldn't wear this shade everyday, but it's def good for events and occasions where you want your lips to have a good pop of colour without the need to touch up constantly (because it's lasting).

Ofra X Mannymua

Picked this shade out of the 3 colours in this collab because it looks the most wearable and true enough, it is!

It is my first shade from Ofra and I must say, it's amazing.

Let's go on to the πŸ‘πŸ» and πŸ‘ŽπŸ» about it!

- Well pigmented
- Moisturizing, like Colourpop's USL, and has a creme texture
- Dries to a comfortable matte finish
- Minimal transfer once completely dried
- Great staying power
- Touch ups are easy and there's no obv difference in layers
- Nice sweet smell hehe

- Takes a little while to dry completely
- Enhances the fine lines on my lips a little sometimes

It seems a little similar to Cami, but it's definitely a tinge rosier.

Compared to Colourpop's USL formula, Ofra seems to have nailed it better because it's dries to a more matte finish and has minimal transfer compared to USL.

I really did enjoy Ofra's formula so much that I went and bought my 2nd Ofra colour a few weeks later 😁

Ofra X Kathleenlights

A bold colour for me considering the only other orange shade I have is my MAC Chili matte lipstick haha

It's described to be a burnt terracotta shade and true enough, it really is so!

Just look for yourself πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Hehe it is actually a little darker IRL but my camera auto-brightened it that's why it looks so bright here!

- Super pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Creme texture that goes on easily
- Good staying power! Can last a whole day with minimal touch up
- Minimal transfer issues
- Easy to touch up when needed

- None, I'm serious! I can't find any issues with this one.

This is seriously my favourite colour to wear these days.

It brightens any look instantly and it's such an interesting colour that you can be sure that the girl beside you inside wearing the same one! (Fingers crossed la haha)

I had to stop myself from wearing this every other day just to give my other lip colours a chance too πŸ˜‚

But really, this is my favourite shade ATM! So much so that it's the only colour that deserves 2 pictures of me wearing it πŸ˜‚ #hiao

You'll definitely love having this unique colour in your collection, just like I do ;)

I'm considering getting Santa Ana or Pasadena next! Growing my Ofra collection because of its awsm formula!

I love Girlactik but it's quite drying for me still, so sadly I only got Allure and that's it.

Hope to find more awsm moisturizing matte lipsticks to share with y'all!

Here's the true lip colour swatches at a glance just in case y'all are considering any of them ;)


So that's it for my mini review. Earlier on, my drafts disappeared twice after I typed a whole chunk and I nearly had an aneurysm but phew I'm glad I finally finished this haha I can go to sleep in peace tonight

As always, ask away if you've questions!! I'd be glad to help ;)

Day 164

Sunday, 12 Jun 2016

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anggypea (avatar)

anggypea So excited to read the rest! I just received my birthday boy (love it!) order along with Between The Sheets blush! What brush do you use for the blush?

1 year ago

velvetletters (avatar)

velvetletters I've been tempted to get Lunch Money so many times, and I really want to get my hands on it after reading this πŸ˜… but kinda hesitant as I have one of their highlighter in Smokes' n whistles and it seems quite difficult to work w the formula to make it show on my skin πŸ˜• may I know how do you apply it? What brush do you use?:)

1 year ago

sylviababo (avatar)

sylviababo So pretty and looks so flawlessπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ˜ that lip color looks good on you!! πŸ‘„ was deciding whether to get a matte, your post just helps me to say yes! 😁

1 year ago

butterball (avatar)

butterball Haha I find that it's quite hard to pick up colourpop highlighters with my brush leh. think maybe cos the formula is more creamy than powdery? finger application is the only way I can get it to show up but their blushers are still okay haha

1 year ago

abcdefaith (avatar)

abcdefaith 😍😍😍😍

1 year ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars Love the blusher on u! U blended both shades so well, that is tempting me to take a look at both their shades now. Hehe

1 year ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @anggypea Ah! So fast! How does birthday boy look like? πŸ€” for blush, I use my Ecotools Blush Brush! The best brush I have hahaha

@velvetletters Ah! I heard that that is popular choice and it's so pretty! I use Nature Republic's Deco Cheek brush but it doesn't seem to be able to pick up much unless I go over a few layers too. Perhaps you can try using your fingers like what @butterball suggested below! 😁

@sylviababo Aw thank you! πŸ™†πŸ» mattes can be pretty awesome if you pick the right ones ;) if you're worried about it being drying, maybe you wanna stay tune to read about Ofra! It's coming up! 😁

@butterball Ya me too! Okay I will try finger application instead haha never actually thought about doing it πŸ€” thanks for sharing!! I can't seem to get this blush to show up either though πŸ˜ͺ so odd..

@abcdefaith πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ’•

@nite_stars Thank you!! πŸ’• they look good together because they have complementing glows hehe! Yes go and look look, they have a huge array for choose from πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

shitface (avatar)

shitface 😻 you look gorgeous

1 year ago

xsonder (avatar)

xsonder What color were you wearing for the iphone shot!! The dark red(?) one haha

1 year ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll Hehe! Exciting post. Btw, synthetic brushes will pick up the cp cream highlighter and blusher better. I tried using finger but most of the product was on my finger instead of my face. ☹️

1 year ago

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