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Looked through my camera album and realised I haven’t shared about this Sprout PR drop I received a while ago!!

Not asked or paid to share here but I want to because I’ve tried quite a few of the items in the crate so far and I LOVE IT LEH.

So, must share.

You understand right?

Don’t understand also nvm, I’m gonna share anyway LOL

So yes, this was sent in celebration of the Sprout (Farm-to-People) Festival that’s happening this weekend over at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre! ðŸŒą

I haven’t had the chance to try everything YET but here’s what I have tried and loved:

(Taken from @/haruplate’s IG)

Haru’s Roasted Tomato & Shiitake Sauce!!

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like this sauce cause I’m not usually a fan of these fresh tomato sauces (yep I don’t eat pasta sauce the way it should be lol) but I handed it to my helper who then made a delicious lasagne with it and I was very impressed!!!

You can really taste the delicious earthy taste of the mushrooms, combined with the freshness of the tomatoes in each bite 🍅

Best of all, NO SUAGR AND SALT!

Great for both kids and adults!

You won’t want to miss giving it a try ;)

Provisions’ Gula Jawa Almond Brittle ðŸĪŠ

Damn this is a great treat whenever you feel like you need a little something sweet! I’m a sucker for gula melaka and this gula jawa defo tastes even better??!

So fragrant and has just the right amount of sweetness! 😭

I regret sharing this with others. I really do.


This is how I had it the previous night (when everyone went to bed hehehe sneaky).

Vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of the smaller bits of the brittle.


It tastes as though I bought a coconut palm sugar + almond flavoured ice cream itself 😂

No regrets when it comes to the calories gained from this indulgence.

And I think I need me another packet... for rainy days yknow?

They don’t have an IG, so find them on FB ok!

And last but not least, this insanely fun grey oyster mushroom growing kit from Mushroom Kingdom!! 🍄




It just sprouted overnight and just kept growing into this mega mushroom. I’ve seen a few people growing their mushrooms too and it sprouted into several smaller mushrooms but mine just went mad and merged into one 😂😂

They said it’s time to harvest when it’s the size of an adult’s palm so I think I gotta pluck this soon. So fun!!

Check out their IG and website if you wanna get the kit and try it too. You can get a second harvest by turning the kit around FYI ;)

Day 188

Saturday, 7 Jul 2018

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ehlisen (avatar)

ehlisen Love ni de 💖💖💖 Lmk which one nice I also want to try hahaha

7 months ago

ekyle (avatar)

ekyle omg so fun the growing mushroom one omg I love oyster mushrooms!!!!!

7 months ago

venetian (avatar)

venetian Hi babe, I saw your pic in Fashmob, May I know how tall are you?

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @ehlisen 😘 really the most fun and yummy PR kit hahaha

@ekyle Yah!!! Super fun and exciting to watch it grow. It grows sooo quickly 😍

@venetian Hello! I’m 160cm y’all! ;)

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng *tall haha

7 months ago

venetian (avatar)

venetian That is an ideal height! 😍

7 months ago

gilliansng (avatar)

gilliansng @venetian Haha id like to think so too!! 😂

7 months ago

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