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December 2018

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There’s too much in a year to squeeze into one post, yet I find myself here, trying to do exactly that πŸ˜‚Usually I would be scrolling through my Dayre updates of the year, recalling fond memories that happened and noting them as highlights. But my lack of updates this year really shows and I find myself having to really think hard about what 2018 was like. Being super sick the whole of last week really gave me some time to have a good think about it so here goes. This 2018, I...

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What I could really use right now 😴

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Since I have time to kill while waiting for my food at this food tasting event... Might as well update right πŸ˜›(I typed the above just right before the food came and I didn’t have time to Dayre anymore haha) But anyway! Maybe I’ll just do a quick update since I already started. Was at Joe & Dough’s new holland V outlet for their media session! Brought X along because it’s the only kind of events he is happy to attend πŸ˜‚

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Life rn: πŸ˜ͺ—How do you stay afloat?

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