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Seeking a Great Perhaps

July 2019

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Lmao any #dayrefoodie with good teppanyaki places to recommend? Pls help a sista out tyyy

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Yay my birthday month is here!

June 2019

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What are some of your work woes/nightmares?I just had a VERY VERY VERY bad experience w a ex-colleague and now that he's gone, another one seems to act up. Although this is very minor, but it is still very concerning to me.What do you do if your colleague is here most of the time but sometimes during crunch time, he happens to be away and you need to cover him?Honestly, this week, I am so loaded w work and stress because my colleague is away on MC. He took a 2 weeks holiday but extended..

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Visit to the salon!

Hehe heh I hope my boss don't freak out tomorrow, the washout will be a nightmare! But pls take more photos w me my friends! I don't wanna waste my money on this! & my stylist knew I don't visit them often, he actually recommended me to do the colour treatment which makes sense heh.Gotta go sleep now, a simple visit to the salon took me from 2-6pm 😅😅

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👋 HELLO! LONG TIME NO SEE!Went back to black hair salon today to do my hair, after so long! My hair also had grew out after the long trim.. I was thinking to dye either the whole head (never did before) or my usual highlights BUT the moment my hairstylist mentioned the ugly gap when the black roots grew out, he knew I don't like that 😅😅So he did a outer layer of dark purple and inner layer red-pink which the ends will fan out nicely to purple pink! 😊 😊

April 2019

Rainy days should be illegal to go to work, discuss

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