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Wedding checklist | Invitations sorted in two days 💪

Hai ebery buddy!

Been MIA from Dayre the last few days because I've been kept busy with some wedding related stuff that I could only do at the midnight hour.

Like our wedding invitations, for example. I received them at noon yesterday and it was a rush against time to get the ones for N's family and our overseas guests sorted.

Thankfully it was easy to write the names (and addresses where needed), and put everything together. No need to tie any ribbons etc which was helpful.

Getting started after lunch yesterday. All by ma self.

Will be passing the cards for N's family to two of his aunts today so that is one spreadsheet down lol.

My parents have offered to write and put together the cards for their family and friends,for which I am very grateful 😌 that's another spreadsheet.

The 'friends' spreadsheet will be a little harder to conquer because we are still following up on the addresses for some people. We had asked for them in our save the date, but I guess it goes to show that no one really reads those things in detail anyway (or are too lazy to follow the instructions).

I'm spending the morning with my brother and SIL at the beach with their dog, but then it's off to deliver the cards, and check out postage costs at the post office.

Hopefully by tonight I will have one less thing to worry about! 😪

#dayrebrides #dayrebride

Stamps to anywhere in the world are just seventy cents now!

This means we will save more than 50% to mail our formal wedding invitations to our overseas guests. I know it isn't much especially in the grand scheme of things but still very thankful we can save a few dollars wtf.

Stamps (unregistered) are cheaper now because of the festive season. But it does mean that our guests will be receiving their cards with a stamp that has a picture of a rooster and '福' (fortune) written on it 😄

Last night in Singapore before I fly back to Seattle tomorrow arvo 😭😭

Starting to get the feels but knowing I'll be back in 2.5 months is making me feel a bit better. ~70 days is not long at all when you live away from home.

OMG it just hit me that the wedding is in 100 days 😱😱😱

I say this a lot, but WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO?!

To be honest, I just want to get it over and done with now, although I am also very excited! All those months of frustration and joy, laughter and tears, will soon bear fruit. And by damn will it be the sweetest fruit.

I'm glad that this trip back home has been heaps productive. What we've achieved in 2.5 weeks:

✔️ Food tasting at Jade Restaurant at the Fullerton
✔️ Pick out wines for our reception
✔️ Meet with our photographer, Kai, from Trouvé Photography
✔️ Meet and have our pre wedding video shoot with Jude & Edwina from Rekord Haus
✔️ Food tasting with Angeli Catering, who we will engage for the buffet lunch for our guests after the church ceremony
✔️ Meet with our florist for the church ceremony
✔️ Nail down our car situation
✔️ Finish a proper draft of our AD schedule

✔️ Decide on the design of our wedding bands
✔️ Finalise, print and prepare our wedding invites to be sent out!

UPDATE: We ended up going with the champagne coloured design for our cards 😊

The font is clearer / bolder in the final version! I'm very happy with the cards 😍

In the last two days, I (and dad) also rushed to find a home stamping kit so that I could stamp our wedding hashtag #limmingthedream on the cards - something I was a bit sian about, but which N was pretty adamant on 😅

I'm glad I listened - albeit a bit grumpily haha - because it truly made the card ours.

There is still A LOT left to be done, of course, most of it following up with people.

In Jan, I aim to:

📌 Finalise outfits for our bridal party. The boys are getting their suits made, and we have already purchased their ties for them. Two of my bridesmaids have yet to pick what they want to wear! Hoping to sort this out asap.
📌 Finalise what our flower girls & boys will wear
📌 Purchase shapewear lol wtf and alter my wedding dress. I probably need to finalise my wedding shoes as well.

📌 Buy / borrow all the necessary props for our church wedding. Taobao, please be kind!
📌 Decide if we want to engage a photo booth for our wedding, and if so, who to engage. This process has dragged on for quite sometime because we have both been preoccupied with other *more important* issues
📌 Choose our music for march-ins and video. We started adding potential songs to a wedding playlist a few months back, and I think this is by far, the most enjoyable part of wedding planning for N and me 😜

📌 Finalise who will be giving toasts/making speeches. After some convincing, our dads have agreed to speak and totally embarrass us. However, we don't have a maid of honour or best man, so we'll have to discuss who is best placed to give toasts.
📌 Finalise order of the day!

Day 11

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

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caramelcamellia (avatar)

caramelcamellia OMG WE HAVE THE SAME WEDDING DATE. Hahaha hugs dayrebrides twin!! Jiayou to us :D

1 year ago

_diyanaaaaaaa (avatar)

_diyanaaaaaaa Where did you get the home stamping kit!

Jiayou! 100 days more. :)

1 year ago

gichua (avatar)

gichua @caramelcamellia omg wait is yours on April 22 too? Yay #dayrebrides twins! 🌈

@_diyanaaaaaaa I purchased it from this shop called Evergreen Stationery at Paya Lebar Square. It was $20, but I paid $3 more for a black ink pad replacement too (the kit came with blue ink pad).

1 year ago

denisetaytay (avatar)

denisetaytay Woah that's so efficient! 😍

1 year ago

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