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October 2018

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Woohoo one more flight tonight and touch down on Wednesday afternoon and straight off to BKK! Gonna be so tired man but idc i can’t wait already omg i need my AALV so badly 😖Praying hard that my flight back from BKK doesn’t delay because i have a standby from 0000 onwards. Needless to say i’ll definitely get activated but just praying hard that it’s a noon/night flight and not a midnight flight if not touch down straight report for flight can die 😭

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No one truly understand how tiring our job can be. Mentally and physically draining hahaha. I always feel that i need a day to recharge before getting back to work. Don’t get me wrong, i love my job!

September 2018

London next month 😍!!!!!

August 2018

Looking through dayre posts and starting to miss the times when i used to meal prep everyday... hahahaha but ain’t got time for that for now 😭But guess the good thing is my body is slowly adapting to eating out for almost every meal! Just that i crave for sweet potatoes with Adam’s peanut butter/kimchi way too often 😢 And does anyone here feel bloated/constipated when you consume too much meat? I honestly think that my body can’t digest meat well!!!! I’m so upset b/c i love meat! :(

July 2018

Omg! Roster for Sept is out and i got rostered for NRT-LAX! So damn happy cause i’ve always wanted to visit Japan and LA 😆😆😆!!!!! And Sydney! Can’t wait 😌

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Have faith in yourself please, Germaine Lau 😌😭🙏🏻 everything will be fine.

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